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At CorsetDeal it’s our goal to create clothing that celebrates the art of the female body. We are constantly producing high-quality niche clothing that's fun, comfortable and high-quality. We started from very humble beginning with the help of our lead designer Suman Bharti who still uses the main principles of celebrating female body shapes in every new design he produces.

So how did we get started?  

While today we have a massive inventory of different styles, shapes and colors available, CorsetDeal didn't always have the innovative collections or the successful brand name. Suman started to become fascinated with corset design early on into his career. He has all of the same qualifications as leading fashion designers around the world. He studied fashion, interned at leading fashion companies, won awards for his innovative designs and then launched a successful brand name in the form of CorsetDeal & Vintage Goth.
When he was growing up, he didn't always think that clothing made such a difference in somebody's life. Today however he knows of the impact that clothing can make in somebody's confidence, and the way that they feel every day. As a result his designs work to improve style but also quality-of-life.


Popular Corsets at CorsetDeal

While he was working in London, Suman started to become influenced by many of his surroundings including the rich history associated with central London. On several weekends exploring the city and going through fashion museums, meeting some of London's more colorful crowd and reading books on fashion, arts, history and theater you managed to really expand on his creative spirit.
Creating clothing that instills confidence:
What he noticed throughout all of the examples that he looked into in London was how much posture impacted the way people were perceived. He saw that women throughout history and women throughout the cities he studied in would radiate beauty when they were able to showcase great posture and style. This is what brought him to corset design and then and there he set a goal to create and sell the best corsets in the world.
Armed with the dream and his determination CorsetDeal was born and the rest is history. Today CorsetDeal is proud to be world's largest corset store with more than 75,000 corsets and over 500 designs.


How can I create clothing that will help women feel confident?

Suman noticed that posture influences how a person is perceived. As Suman would move throughout the city, drawing on inspiration, he would note how women would radiate when they had a great posture. That's when he thought about corsets. Noticing how they were becoming more popular, Suman set himself a goal: design, create and sell the best corsets. There was one problem though; Suman had no resources to get this goal on track.

As with other great minds though, Suman was determined to go after his dream, which meant quitting his job and telling his wife he would now be unemployed. With no way to fail and a goal in mind, Suman set off on his mission and as they say, the rest is history.

The result, however, is wonderfully designed and crafted corsets for women of all sizes in an array of elegant styles and designs.