Elyzza London How To Measure ?

How To Measure


To choose the correct size for you, measure your body as follows:

  1. 1Bust - Measure around fullest part

    Wearing your usual bra, with arms relaxed at your sides, measure your bust at the fullest point, keeping the tape parallel to the floor. It takes it past over both nipples, under the armhole and over the shoulder blades, around your back about where your bra strap is.

  2. 2Waist - Measure around natural waistline

    Measure around the narrowest part of the natural waistline. To find your natural waistline, bend to one side. There will usually be a crease where you bend. Often it is just below your ribcage. That's your natural waistline. Don't worry since this may seem higher than where you actually wear your pants and jeans. But this is the point that is so important for a great fit. Try to keep the tape measure parallel to the floor as you measure all the way around your torso. Thats your natural Waist Circumference.

  3. 3Hips - Measure 20cm down from the natural waistline

    Standing with heels together, measure around your body at the broadest part of your hips (approximately 8" below natural waistline). This will include the fullest part of your backside too and should be just about where your legs meets your torso.