CORSETDEAL vs others

CORSETDEAL vs other corset retailers?

We have made and sold over a million corsets since we started the business. You got it right – a Million Corsets.


Lot of oour customers ask or just shy to ask- why Corset deal ? This is completely understandable from a customer point of view. A very simple answer, because you want your money’s worth.  When you buy from corsetdeal you get the assurance that you are buying from a manufacturer directly. No middle men, no traders , no stockists thus no fat margins. We make all our products in our fully owned factories. Conceived by most eligible designers who toil day and night to get the best to you. No wonder we are also the most copied corset brand in the world. Some corset retailers don’t even bother to lift a finger and even copy our images just as is for their websites !! We sell corsets globally to all over EU, to USA and Australia. Other than huge retail fan base we are very popular among small fashion boutiques, bridal shops and designers, who rely on us to get their exclusive product made in our state of the art manufacturing centers.


Corset is an investment. We don’t want your hard earned one to be spent on something that is a cheap imitation and will fall to bits in its first use. Quality is like religion for us. Other than fabric and accessories the most important ingredient that goes into a perfect corset making is the steel boning. This is where most of the unscrupulous makers cheat and replace it with brittle, harsh and cheap iron strips (lots don’t use metal at all and conveniently use plastic)  We use 100% plated steel bones,. We have recently replaced it with high quality spiral metal boning. This gives much better support with a great flexibility too. We don’t rely on anybody else to supply this crucial trim to us and make this boning for us ourselves.

Don’t want to leave yourself annoyed and frustrated with the world of corsetry, buy with confidence from corsetdeal. Best quality, the best price and a five star customer support service.