Invisible Corset? I think so! Nude Corset Waist Shaper in 100% Cotton

PRODUCT CODE : VG-19739 : Cotton Shaper 



Hi guys it's Vieira and welcome back and thank you for spending some time with me. I have a very very cute gorgeous comfortable new corset to share with you so in today's video. I am going to be doing a review on this beauty right here this gorgeous number . Can you see this it is extremely comfortable I hardly notice that I have it on now .It's not all the way tight because it is a brand new corset and I have to season it now it is on snug it isn't tight or anything like that because it is a brand new corset and I do have to still season the corset , I put it on just because I wanted to show you what it looks like how it feels and what I think about it now the one thing I noticed specifically is that it's very very thin it is not as thick as regular of course this corset is practically invisible under clothes.

I have been receiving some questions about finding a really nice and undetectable corset and I think I found it and I think it's this one it is very short and very very lightweight, which is crazy I've never tried a corset that is this thin but yet it has strength it's strong it's holding me in do you know what I mean now. I am loving loving loving this corset I swear to God I can't feel it , it's not it's not super tight but I can't I can't feel it and I just I've never had a course that I've never tried on of course it that you just you know you can't really feel and I can still fit fit my my fingers in inside I could probably tighten it just a little bit more but I still need some time to season it ,appropriately because of course you know if you go too fast you can damage the bones and we don't want to do that this corset costs $39 talk about good good pricing .


Details about this corset:

  • This corset is the nude corset waist shaper.This corset is specifically made to be worn on the outside and inside of dresses or any cute top.
  • The fabric is 100% cotton.
  • It contains eight spiral steel bones throughout the corset with four flat steel bones at the back the bones are encased in 100% bone casing
  • Metal busk front
  • There are sixteen grommets in the back.
  • This corset is made up of eight panels and has a modesty panel of six inches there is a one inch waist tape as you can see right there there are six go to loops at the bottom this corset is perfect for regular em petite torsos male or female
  • When storing this corset you want to hang it on a hanger centered at the cord so that the weight is distributed evenly throughout that way the corset can air out you can dry clean this just you can just simply just let it air out and it would be perfectly be fine.