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"Hearts and Flowers and Shiny Things"

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Hello beautiful people!

It's me, Honey Sin Claire again. This month is so full of costumes that I feel I'm always waiting on glue to dry or more goodies to arrive in the mail, or even the cramp in my hand to subside. That's my idea of fun!!!


February is one of my favorite months. Mostly because all the things in pink or red are available, and after February 15th, on sale! Bring on the hearts and flowers! Candy is expected, flowers are usually the case and that's just what I get for myself!


In the spirit of love and my favorite color, I decided the VG-18860 ( CERISE COTTON STEEL BONED CORSETS WAIST TRAINING)  in pink was a great choice this time around. The heavy cotton of this corset is amazing! It's like a hug! I feel so vintage and girlie!! It's a more matte material than I usually like, but I simply decided to add more sparkle. Because, really, shouldn't you always?!


Heads up: This cotton material has taken longer to season than the lighter materials like poly satin or taffeta. I've worn it pretty steadily for 2 weeks, and I feel it could use about 4 or 5 more days to really fit well.


If you haven't been to,, go right now. Well, maybe after you read this! If you ever wanted sparkly, shiny, or even tacky (in the best way) appliqués, this is the place. I'm not an endorser, just a big fan! When I found pink sequin roses, I bought them! There was no plan, no costume yet. I love the way the burly (burlesque) gods work things out sometimes!


Enter the 18860 corset and some really fun white fringe, and good things start to happen. For the sparkle aspect this time, I got to play with an SS20 Light Siam AB. That sounds boring, but it translates to magical, sparkly bits of stone that look like unicorn tears (happy tears!). Another little touch I added this time around were some little white bows along the clasps. To make this work and still be functual, I simply glued the bow on the material just to the left of the metal clasp. Obviously, sewing would be more difficult on the metal, and a little secret to hold things in place while glue is drying? Clothes pins. Fancy, I know!


I can not wait to get this corset on stage. It will be blinding with all the sequins and rhinestones! May the burly gods and even Cupid be proud (legal disclaimer..there may not be burly gods. But then there may not be Cupid either. I just like to believe in the power of good!)


I hope your Valentine's day was great. Whether it's with someone or with friends or just a good book and a bottle of wine...may the day of love last all month and be sparkly, be happy and be all yours!


Honey Sin Claire

Twitter @honeyonstage

Instagram honeysinclaire



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