Decorating my waist trainer

Hello corset lovers!

I'm Honey Sin Claire, a traveling, working, always on the go burlesque performer and producer. I love the corsets from Corset Deal, and thought I'd share some beautiful pieces I've been working on!


The new corset I'm currently decorating for stage this month is a beauty! It's the VG-18944. It's currently sold out (Back in stock) , but if it comes back in stock, grab one. It's fabulous! Light pink satin with a really beautiful floral pattern. The color scheme is so different and versatile.


As a burlesque performer, it's always important that my costumes catch stage lights and focus them where I want them, usually on me. I normally don't use patterned corsets for stage. Bright lights and movement can take away from the details in patterns. I had the same thought process when I saw how delicate the floral were on this corset. I took it as

a challenge to be able to wear this, and maintain the details. I tried a different approach of mimicking colors this time. Up close, it wasn't as impressive as I wanted. Then, I tried it on, saw it in some lights and was so happy.I used rhinestones in the size of SS20 (always my favorite) and mixed the colors of light rose, champagne, ruby and burnt cooper. I just copy the colors of the pattern and when this piece is on stage, under lights, you can still make out the floral, but now it has sparkle to it! I loved this project and can't wait to coordinate other lovely pieces to go with it!


About Honey Sin Claire :  Burlesque producer, performer, emcee, musician, joke teller and costumer. From Fort Worth, Texas and Co producer /Co owner of Crème de la Crème Burlesque. I've spent 20 years on a stage, acting, singing, playing music, teasing audiences, telling stories, drinking gin, and all around reveling in the love affair with the audience. When I'm not costuming, or rehearsing, I spend my time tending to my chickens, named after the Golden Girls