How to Pick Right Corset Size ?

Worried about corset size?

Finding the right sized corset can always be a bit of a struggle. Although corsets to constrict to your size, getting the right size corset for waist training corset will ensure that you can get the maximum benefit out of your corset size. On Corsetdeal we believe in delivering the best waist training corsets and helping with any type of corsets sizing problem. Through our corset sizing guidelines, you can order with confidence knowing that the course that you are getting is designed to meet your needs and provide you with the best possible benefits for use.

Here are some methods that can be used to measure for corset as well as assist with measuring for your next order.


Measuring overbust:

A bra needs to be measured with your arms to relax at the sides and at the fullest point in your bust. Keeping the tape exactly parallel to the floor and measuring about where the bra strap sits on your back will give you a complete measurement.


Measuring underbust:

Measure the circumference of your torso directly beneath your bust.


Measuring natural waist:

Measure around your natural narrow point in your waistline. Be sure to bend to one side to manage the crease where you may regularly bend. This will take into account your rib cage and the total waistline. Keep the tape parallel to the ground and measure all the way around your torso to get the natural waist circumference.


Measure hips:

Measure your hips with your heels together and at the broadest part of your hips. Include the fullest portion of your backside which will normally be right where your legs meet up with your torso.


Shoulder measurements:

Measure across your upper back from the tip of your shoulder to the other while maintaining good posture.


High point to bust point:

Measure from where your shoulder meets your neck down to the tip of your bust.


Measure shoulder to waist:

Tie a ribbon around your natural waist and market and then start from where your shoulder area meets your neck down to this point.



Measure across your torso above your bust.


The next step:

By adding all of this information into our recommendation form Link: , we can give you personalized recommendations for the best size corset for the body type that you have and the planned uses you have. With detailed measurements you can be sure to get the best waist training corsets and more at Corsetdeal.