3 Corset Myths Not To Fall For

Much like everything else in life, there has been many corset myths going around that experienced corset lovers are tired of hearing.

MYTH 1: Corsets Are Uncomfortable!

Well they can be, but that is typically due to poor sizing or bad quality. That is why it is important to measure around the bust, waist, hips, and length to ensure that your corset will be your size. A high quality corset that is sized correctly will fit the wearer like a glove comfortably. 3 Corset Myths Not To Fall For

At Corset Deal, we know just how important it is to find a corset that fits your unique body type. That’s why our Custom Made Corsets are designed with your measurements in mind every time. From elaborate steampunk corsets to a simple black waist cincher, you can have your custom made corset created in a variety of colors, styles and high quality materials to represent your unique personality and body shape.

MYTH 2: Corsets Deform The Body!

While corsets do shape the body, they never ‘deform’ it when worn properly. Though you have probably heard a scary story or two or someone who took tight-lacing a little too far, these are extreme and very rare cases. If you ever feel like your own corset is too tight, then you should loosen the laces until you can find comfort again. Besides, you can always tighten them again later.

In fact, several corset wearers use them to help straighten bent backs and ease back pain as it provides additional support and helps users develop good posture habits.

MYTH 3: Corsets Help You Lose Weight!

As much as you may wish it was true, it isn’t. Corsets are made to shift weight for that hourglass figure, but the weight still has to go somewhere. However corsets, such as our Adoff Gothic Waist Training Corset, do help to lower appetite and encourage eating in smaller portions. Still, if you are planning to lose weight, it is more effective to change your exercise and diet than to depend on waist training to do more than create a smaller waist.

With so many different styles, colors, and materials, don’t hesitate to shop at Corset Deal today for the corset of your dreams!