The Evolution Of Burlesque Clothing

Throughout the 1800s, you could easily find the classic Burlesque costumes in the many corners of Europe. The European Burlesque evolution had been inspired by ballerinas that twirled and leaped onto the stage. Soon more risqué Burlesque dancers began to fascinate their audience with long skirts, short tutus and steel-framed corsets that enhanced and revealed more bust than past fashions.

Modern Burlesque also draws many of its influences from the Romantic and Victorian eras which incorporates steel-boned corsets in order to create their hourglass figure. These more modern Burlesque fashions grew in popularity with the help of Pin Up Girls and could be seen everywhere from WWII airplanes to the magazine models. This brought back elaborate satin and lace corsets along with tight laces. Many of these women achieved their dramatic figure through waist training over long periods of time.The Evolution Of Burlesque Clothing

Eventually, in 1950s to the 1960s the fashions of Burlesque began to have built in support and wire framework that allowed the creation of bust lines and hips regardless of body type. This was combined with stockings and hosiery that was sheerer and risqué with bold seam lines running up the back of the legs or garters with thigh-high stockings. The calves of women’s legs were often displayed and enhanced with higher and higher heels.

Today, Burlesque has become a fashion that celebrates a woman’s true form regardless of her curves or body type. Whether you participate in a show or just love the fashion, Burlesque has become a way for women to love their body and feel confident in their own skin.

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