How Corsets Are Made

Corsets are versatile, fashionable, trendy, and beautiful. They’ve been a part of fashion history for centuries, and have served many a purpose throughout that time. Their design is one aspect which has rarely faltered for the corset, however. Here we’ll be going over how corsets are made and why the design has worked so well for us over the years.


Corsets have been made from a variety of materials throughout the centuries, all depending on the time period. Today, they are mostly made from layers of cotton, satin, or silk, and come in a variety of different shapes, sizes, and patterns. The boning used to stiffen the frame of a corset can be made of cane, steel, or plastic, depending on the functionality of the corset, and are used to help the corset maintain its shape throughout multiple wears and activity. For closure, the front usually has metal eyelets, while the back is typically closed with strong silk or waxed cotton through decorative eyelets. How Corsets Are Made

Design And Manufacturing

In today’s fashion, corsets come in a variety of designs to fit a multitude of preferences. Over the years they have been made to fit the popular trend of the era, but have always had the same slimming effect. Before they were made in bulk, a customer would have to visit a corset maker to be fitted to have a corset made specifically for their particular height, weight, and figure.

They are made using patterns made from the measurements needed to fit a particular size. The patterns are sewn together in layers – usually two or three – with strong stitches to withstand pulling, boning is inserted in slots throughout the pattern to enhance the shape the corset is designed for and sewn in, and then the eyelets for the front and back closure are added.


We mentioned before that corsets come in a variety of shapes and styles. This is so that we are able to provide a style to fit anyone’s fashion sense, so that corsets appeal to everyone! The shapes and styles include:

Steampunk, Goth, Burlesque, Rockabilly, and Corsetry styles, and;
Vest, Dress, Over Bust, Under Bust, and Waist Cincher shapes/designs.

No matter your preference, you can be sure we have a style you’ll love. Don’t just take our word for it, however – check out our website to see what we have to offer!