Corsets And Your Body Type

Who doesn’t love a gorgeous corset? They’re versatile to fit with almost any style, body shape, and come in a variety of shapes and patterns to appeal to anyone bold enough to stray from the norm with their style. Loving corsets is easy, but choosing the right corset for your body type is a little more of a challenge. Whether you’re looking to buy your first corset, or you’ve bought them before and can never get them to fit just right, you’ve come to the right place.

Your Body Type And Measurements

The first and most important first step to choosing the right corset for you is knowing your body type and how to properly get your measurements. The different body types to consider are:Corsets And Your Body Type

Straight – this refers to bodies which have hips and a bust line that are evenly proportionate, with small waists that are very subtly curvy;
Hourglass – this refers to a body type in which the bust and hips are perfectly symmetrical with a well-defined waist;
Pear – this body shape will have hips which are wider or larger than the bust;
Apple – this is essentially the opposite body type from the pear, having a larger bust and smaller hips.

Once you’ve determined your body type, you’ll want to get your measurements. To properly measure your bust, waist, and hips, you’ll want to wrap the tape measure around the area and pull it taut, but not tight – meaning there’s no slack in the tape, but you’re not leaving a crease in your body either. Measure the fullest part of your bust and hips, and the smallest part of your waist to get a proper measurement. You should also measure the length of your torso to make sure you don’t get a corset which is too short or too long. Measure this by measuring the distance from the side of your bust to the top of your hip for over bust corsets, or just below your bust to the top of your waist for under bust corsets.

Finding The Right Corset

A corset which fits perfectly should have lacing panels that are parallel to one another, with all areas of the corset fitting snugly. If any portion of it is too tight or too loose, you could have laced it incorrectly, but chances are it’s just not the right corset for your particular body type.

A body type which is straight or hourglass will be able to pull off just about any type of corset in any style, as long as the measurements given are correct. If you have a body which is pear shaped, try a corset with vertical stripes to elongate your frame and lift the bust to give you a fuller breasted appearance, or an under bust corset paired with a flowy blouse to create the illusion of a larger bust. If your figure is more apple-shaped, try a corset with a sweetheart neckline or even a V-neck to enhance the bust and create balance from top to bottom.

No matter your body style, corsets have the potential to look beautiful on everyone, and make anyone feel beautiful in them. Check out our site today for our range of beautiful fashion corsets to fit any body style, and find the perfect fit for you!