Create Your Own Corset: Your Wardrobe Just Got a Whole Lot More Exciting!

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For just $125, you have the chance to create your own complete fashion corset outfit combination. You choose the corset, you choose the skirt, you choose the boots, and you choose the suspenders! And you also choose to save a whole lot of money on these four items, completely hand-picked to your specific taste. With this option, you can get exactly what you want and pay less than half of what you normally would for your gorgeous outfit!


Feeling sexy? Go for the red Reve Lacing Corset paired with the Lenard Gothic Skirt, the Quincey Gothic Boot, and a sexy suspender! Sold separately, this outfit would cost you over $250! Feeling a bit more formal? How about the Kailee Couture Corset (originally $171 on its own!) paired with the Guifford Gothic Skirt, a laced knee-high boot, and again any suspender, all for JUST $125! Don't like the sound of any of these combinations? Luckily, you don't have to, because the choice is all yours! With's Make It Yourself deal, your next online shopping experience will be, for the first time, a truly perfect experience!

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