Corsets, Oscars a walk to eminence!

As officially declared the most glamorous night of America, "Oscars" definitely is the ceremony that makes the entire globe sit holding the fire! From the unique nominations to outstanding performances and even tears filled thanks giving speeches, decorated by the cherry picked collection of designers, exclusively draped by the actors. This is the only global award that lets its audience view the glittering gems performers from varied music and film industry across the lands.

With such elite aura and essence attached to these awards, it makes the fashion designers stand on their toes to produce the most unique pieces of art! In the race to dress the most desired celebrities, a week before the hustle in the media about who is wearing what, starts to buzz round each corner.

With no specific theme for the occasion the designers get an open arena to play with fabrics, hues and try complimenting their gowns with the trophy essence. The race to receive this auspicious opportunity to dress an assortment of classic figures is not less than any blessing from god. The entire human race unites and sits to watch the stars in their best avatars and attires.

With clothes being such an integral part of the whole ritual, Oscar 2015 was another gem added to the story book of these gracious awards. With the top performs walking with the trophy and rest flaunting their wearables the corsets have been the heart melting focus lately.

The corsets are again creeping into the fashion world with a new aura and style to remark its importance and existence. Whether its authentic corsets or fashionable ones, corsets are just everywhere now!

To state or justify their growing lovers, we have celebrities wearing corset dresses from quite some time! With Kristen Bell wearing a white corseted gown in 2014 Oscars she was smoothly flaunting her hourglass figure in the corset with a fluffy air bottom.

On the other hand, Kristin Chenoweth wore a shimmering gold Roberto Cavalli corset gown in the same year 2014.This depicts how actors are also inclining towards the rage of corsets and trying to extract benefits from it to maintain their hard worked figure.

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