The Ultimate Guide to Corsets: 99 Corsets and Their Uses

When we hear the word corset mentioned, our minds will often jump to the Victorian era image of a woman in our history books. However, corsets are making more of a comeback than ever before, whether for fashion, steampunk use, waist training, and so much more.

Corset Deal offers a variety of corsets for every taste. Below are nine categories containing 99 corsets total:


Gothic culture has been around for several decades and can now be found in countries all over the world. Its origins stem back to the gothic rock scene in England in the 1980s. Over time it has evolved and included influences from gothic literature and horror films. The gothic subculture is most commonly associated with its taste in music and fashion.

1. Milana Gothic Corset 7. Aubrey Gothic Corset
2. Tabitha Gothic Corset 8. Zina Gothic Corset
3. Elianna Gothic Waist-Training Corset 9. Odele Gothic Corset
4. Kalonice Gothic Corset 10. Leandra Gothic Waist Training Reversible Corset
5. Paityn Gothic Corset 11. Nadine Cotton Gothic Corset
6. Zoya Gothic Corset


The steampunk subculture is the next place that you may often see corsets being worn. Steampunk came about from science fiction and fantasy literature that featured a future in which steam-powered machinery played a much bigger role. Sometimes it is an alternate past as well, or even a post-apocalyptic setting.


1. Amity Kayla Steampunk Corset 7. Leona Steampunk Corset
2. Hargreave Steampunk Corset 8. Harper Steampunk Corset
3. Leslie Steampunk Corset 9. Catalina Steampunk Corset
4. Zahra Steampunk Corset 10. Lilac Steampunk Corset
5. Carole Steampunk Corset 11. Bria Brocade Steampunk Corset
6. Lexi Steampunk Corset

Waist Training

Waist training corsets are designed for women looking to achieve a desired body shape – usually a slimmer waist. The process is gradual and paired with a healthy diet and exercise, waist training corsets can dramatically reduce your waist size. A properly-fitting waist trainer can also strengthen your core all the while improving your posture. The tight compression of a waist trainer also aids in reducing food volume intake which will help achieve the healthier practice of smaller meals, more often, rather than three larger meals per day.


1. Lynsey Brocade Waist Training Corset 7. Raya Overbust Waist Training Corset
2. Coco Satin Waist Training Corset 8. Jenny Underbust Waist Training Corset
3. Macy Brocade Waist Training Corset 9. Margaret Brocade Waist Training Corset
4. Marina Brocade Waist Training Corset 10. Shawn Brocade Reversible Waist Training Corset
5. Mackenzie Satin Waist Training Corset 11. Christine Gothic Waist Training Corset
6. Clotilde Brocade Waist Training Corset


Fashion corsets are for just that – fashion. Paired with skinny jeans, a skirt, or shorts, corsets can make bring an outfit from drab to fab.

1. Fanny Burlesque Fashion Corset 7. Bess Satin Underbust Fashion Corset
2. Lily Underbust Reversible Fashion Corset 8. Blanche Burlesque Fashion Corset
3. Leia Overbust Fashion Corset 9. Juanita Burlesque Fashion Corset
4. Layla Burlesque Fashion Corset 10. Silvia Fashion Corset
5. Trina Gothic Fashion Corset 11. Ashley Fashion Corset
6. Nanette Brocade Overbust Fashion Corset


Corset dresses are ideal for dressing up a special occasion in a unique way. Options range from short to knee-length with a variety of different fabrics, patterns, styles, and colors.


1. Avril Lace Overlay Corset Dress 7. Elena Overbust Long Corset Dress
2. Thelma Fashion Corset Dress 8. Karissa Overbust Long Corset Dress
3. Nikita Fashion Corset Dress 9. Ruth Burlesque Long Corset Dress
4. Mindy Lace Overlay Corset Dress 10. Sybil Overbust Long Corset Dress
5. Phillipa Overbust Corset Dress 11. Maddison Overbust Long Corset Dress
6. Stella Overbust Corset Dress

Steel Boned

Steel boned corsets offer the greatest shaping potential and can cinch in the waist by four to five inches. There are also a wide range of extras- not just ribbons, embroidery and lace, but also suspender loops that make it easy to wear silk stockings with your authentic steel boned corset. The bust lines range from steep to modest, and there are corsets in every style from rockabilly to neo burlesque to classic Victorian.


1. Steel Boned Satin Waist Reducing Corset 7. Betsy Polka Dot Underbust Corset
2. Satin Burlesque Corset Steel Boned 8. Brocade Overbust Corset
3. Satin Burlesque Corset Steel Boned 9. Cher Brocade Steampunk Corset
4. Abbigail Couture Corset 10. Flo Jute Waist Training Corset
5. Aine Brocade Corset 11. Hilary Brocade Steampunk Corset
6. Alecia Overbust US Flag Corset

Underbust Corsets

Underbust corsets provide coverage just below the bust, down to the hips. They are shorter than overbust styles in terms of length but provide a sexy style. This type of corset offers a little more variety, as you can pair it with a variety of tops in different styles and colors.

1. Henley Underbust Corset 7. Haylee Underbust Waist Training Corset
2. Kayden Gothic Corset 8. Leilani Steampunk Corset
3. Zaheera Underbust Corset 9. Tatiana Couture Corset
4. Grace Steampunk Corset 10. Xochil Underbust Corset
5. Nora Burlesque Corset 11. Margarita Satin Corset
6. Yolanda Steampunk Corset

Overbust Corsets

Unlike underbust corsets, overbust corsets cover the bust all the way down to the hips, so you can wear it as a standalone top. This category of corsets offer a wide choice of styles, as the neckline can vary greatly.


1. Corra Satin Corset 7. Angelina Satin Waist Training Burlesque Corset
2. Lyndsey Brocade Gothic Corset 8. Jemima Satin Corset
3. Roni Satin Corset 9. Jane Satin Gothic Corset
4. Wolfden Steampunk Corset 10. Natalia Couture Corset
5. Amara Satin Waist Training Corset 11. Eugenie Gothic Corset
6. Asia Lace Overlay Couture Corset

Burlesque Corsets

Whether or not you're on the burlesque stage, burlesque corsets provide the bold fashion statement that draws eyes. Most commonly steel boned, burlesque corsets tend to be brighter and more ornate than typical corsets to let your inner diva shine through!


1. Sadie Burlesque Corset 5. Tisha Burlesque Underbust Corset 9. Janine Overbust Burlesque Corset
2. Queenie Underbust Corset 6. Virginia Satin Burlesque Corset 10. Vivian Satin Burlesque Corset
3. Carolina Burlesque Corset 7. Kaylee Satin Burlesque Corset 11. Makenzie Satin Burlesque Corset
4. Lilah Burlesque Corset 8. Marian Satin Burlesque Corset

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