Trim Inches Off Your Waist & Look Great While Doing It

Trim Inches Off Your Waist and Look Great While Doing It

Most people today don't realize what multi purposeful backgrounds are associated with corsets. Not only are corsets fashionable, but their origin has more to do with waist trimming and weight control than just style and aesthetics. Here, you'll find the best steps to any first time waist-training corset user in order to get the most out of this classic garment.

A corset's prime feature is its waist trimming ability. Unlike girdles or waist cinchers, a real corset will take your waist in by about two to four inches or even more. Very curvy women may find that a waist training corset can even take their waist in six inches or more. In other words, a woman with a 34″ waist could go down to a 28″ waist with good corsetiere and appropriate waist training. Below are the top three tips to enjoying your waist training corset while getting the most out of your purchase as well.

  1. Make sure to not eat, drink or need to use the bathroom prior to lacing up your waist training corset. These simple everyday tasks can become quite the adventure when laced up tight.
  2. Don't rush the process! It is very important that you break in your garment and do not rush the tightening, waist trimming process. Many first time corset users will pull their laces or "rabbit ears" so hard to quickly see just how small they can get their waist. This is a big mistake! Instead, let it happen gradually. You should to pull the laces and tighten gently, and make sure to leave time in between each pull. Pull until you have a little bit of cinch and a little bit of tension, then stop, tie your laces and go about your day.
  3. Use an under garment for protection. It is always a good tip for first time users, especially if you spent a lot of money on your waist training corset, to wear a tube top of tank top under the corset. This will protect the garment from your body's natural oils and prevent staining.

Simply put, waist training corsets are designed to help the body lose waist size naturally. This is done in a very gradual process that comes when this corset is worn for 4-6 hours on an average period of 6-8 weeks. Irrespective of the gradual period; this is possibly one of the most elegant ways to trim your waist. Don't forget the other attributes of an authentic steel boned corset as well; it still serves the important function of accentuating your curves to create a sultry hourglass figure every time you have it on.