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Exciting new corset designs are integrating sleeve details. This can include everything from flirty over-the-shoulder straps detailed with lace to full chiffon sleeves connected to the corset body under the arm. This transforms the corset from an accessory layer to a fully functioning wardrobe piece that can double as the top of your outfit. This saves you the trouble of having to coordinate your corset with an outfit top and bottom. Fewer layers is likely to result in more comfort and corset tops give you even more exciting coordination opportunities since you do not have to worry about an additional garment.


A corset with sleeves might seem like a strange or even impractical idea but once you see these pieces in action, you will be inspired with countless new ideas for dressing up, cosplay, club wear, and elegant specialty wear. Choosing a corset model that features colors already found in your wardrobe – such as rich red or amethyst purple – will ensure that you get the most use out of this exciting new garment. Just select a size according to your usual corset waist measurement and you will assured of a perfect fit.