Top 10 Best Waist Trainers to Achieve an Hourglass Figure


What if your waist was equal to the circumference of a CD? The woman who holds the record for the world's smallest waist has achieved a 15-inch waist through waist training.You don't need to take corset training to the extreme to have that sought after hourglass figure. With waist training, you can have better posture, a slimmer waist, and a fuller looking bust line.

Here are the top ten best waist trainers for your corset training journey.


  1. 10. Bellissa Cotton Herringbone Steampunk Curvy Waist Training Corset

Add some style to your corset collection with this steampunk inspired corset. Two buckle accents adorn each side of your waist with delicate chain embellishments on the front.

This underbust corset opens in the front with a zipper and has 6.5-7 meters of lacing up the back. 24 grommets and 4 flat steel bones reinforce the lacing to help you achieve a slimmer midsection.Cut to the Iva pattern, the Bellissa is perfect for those with a regular or petite torso. Pair with your favorite top and add some steampunk style to your wardrobe.


  1. Arden Gothic Overbust Reversible Waist Training Corset

The Arden ranks as one of the best waist trainers because you're getting two in one with its reversibility. The "front" or outside is a rich emerald green brocade exclusively designed for corsets. While the "back" or inside is midnight black cotton.This piece fits in with the sleeves trend with an overbust and shoulder covering design. Each side is accented by decorative grommets along the collar and black satin accenting on the left bust.Give your look a gothic flair with the leather belt and pouches accented with metal grommets and hardware. A metal zipper running the length of the front of the corset completes the look and provides ease of wear.


  1. Alden Waist Training Underbust Cotton Corset

The Alden makes this list of the best waist trainers for its simplistic beauty and everyday wear functionality. Made of 100% cream colored cotton twill this underbust corset is perfect for those who are looking for a more vintage or traditional look.This underbust cotton corset features a metal busk front opening and 24 grommets along the back for lacing. 20 spiral steel bones are distributed around your midsection to slim your waist giving you more confident posture and a curvier shape.


  1. Blossom Waist Training Underbust Rose Print Cotton Corset

The ultimate in feminine style the blossom underbust cotton corset is a must for any waist training enthusiast. 20 spiral steel bones and four flat steel bones are encased in 100% teal cotton twill.The underbust design lifts your bustline giving you a curvier silhouette. The front metal busk closures don't distract from the feminine pink flower pattern. The back is accented by the white 6.5-7 meter lacing, perfect for tight lacing.


  1. Zdenek Waist Cincher Black Corsets

Don't let the Zdenek fool you at first glance. This corset features black brocade specially designed for corsets and decorative stitching to accentuate your curvy figure.A zipper front closure runs the length of the corset. Black lacing runs the length of the back through 26 grommets. 18 spiral steel bones are distributed throughout the orchid cut corset making it perfect for regular and petite torsos.


  1. Neith Waist Cincher Brocade Corset

Similar to the Zdenek, the Neith is made of sumptuous black brocade stitched to accent your cinched waist and the curve of your hips. Unlike the Zdenek, the Neith's front closure are metal busks.The Neith is perfect for those who are looking for less boning as it has the least amount on the list at 14 spiral steel bones and 2 flat steel bones. You will still have plenty of waist-cinching control with 26 grommets down the back.


  1. Hariman Waist Training Corset

The ultimate in steampunk style, the Hariman is a must on any best waist trainers list. The focal point of this brown brocade corset are the four bronze colored metal clasps along the front of the corset.The underbust candy cut design makes it perfect for regular and petite torsos. Paired with a crisp white button-down shirt you'll have a curvier silhouette, raised bustline, and slimmer midsection.


  1. Ali Gothic Waist Trainer Corset

The Ali Gothic makes the list of best waist trainers for its wide appeal and elegant style. Use this brocade corset to accent your look at your next formal event.The simple feminine elegance will add to your ensemble without being a distraction. It's available in several colors, which is a rarity for corsets where you usually have one color option.


  1. Amanda Waist Training Plus Size Steel Boned Corset

For those ladies with a long torso, the Amanda plus sized steel boned corset is perfect to accentuate your hourglass figure. The vertical weave of the black brocade will elongate your figure giving your midsection a slimmer look.This corset features twelve panels, with six on each half, plus a six-inch wide modesty panel in the back. Layered over the modesty panels is 6.5-7 meters of lacing through 32 grommets.


  1. Verddun Waist Training Corset

Corset beginners and pros alike should look to the Verddun with it's raised bustline, steel boning, and comfortable cotton material. This corset is designed for style and function with a strong cotton lining and a satin top layer.You have three color options of black, grey, and cream to complement your wardrobe. Each color coming with matching 6.5-7 meters of matching lacing.The four flat steel bones along the back are layered under the soft comfortable cotton to provide increased stability when lacing up. Twenty spiral steel bones have been distributed all the way around to give you a slimmed down midsection and better posture.The front and back measure eleven inches and the sides measure nine inches. You will have full coverage on all of the key areas you want to target.


Find Your Best Waist Trainers.We've gathered the best waist training corsets for your shape, style, and size. If you are a waist training newbie consider the Verddun.Looking for steampunk style, then the Haridun is your corset. The Alden is perfect for the classic cream-colored style to be worn over or under your clothes.The Arden brings you the ultimate in reversible gothic style. Finally, the Ali will give you an elegant look at your next formal event.

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