Tips for How to Remove A Corset the Right Way

Corsets are garments that make a woman look beautiful and give her good posture. Unlike other articles of clothing, like dresses, pants, and jackets, corsets cannot be easily taken off and removed from the body. It is necessary that you take your corsets off carefully and diligently, considering how your corset is formed. Corsets are reliant on tension to constrict your waist so that you can loosen this tension before you remove your corset. If you do not loosen this tension as you remove the corset, you are sure to damage your corset permanently.

Here are the right steps that you need to take for properly removing your corset.

  1. Untie your laces.

The first step is to loosen the corset. To remove all the tension from the laces, you will have to untie the bow at the back of your corset, and start with the top “X”. Pull out at least 1 foot of slack on the top “X”. Then, do the same for the middle “X”, and finally the bottom “X”. Wiggle your corset and see if it is loose enough to move about your waist. The same rules apply if you wear a plus size corset dress.

  1. Unhook its busk studs.

Now that the corset has become loose, you will have to unhook the studs on it. There is no definite order you have to go in, but we suggest starting at the bottom and undoing the top stud last. This will allow the upper area of the corset to drop from over the ribs to over the stomach. The stomach is a part of your body that is softer and narrower than your ribs, even if you are overweight and need a plus size corset dress. It is also easier for you to unhook the top eye if it is the last one to unhook. When loosening your corset, there should still be some tension with your laces.

  1. Remove the corset.

After the corset has been fully unhooked and the laces are all loose, you are free to take it off. Store the corset properly for the next occasion that you would wear it, preferably when it is still open so that you would not need to go through the trouble of untying it to put it back on later.

If you are having problems with removing your corset, such as unhooking the eyes, the one thing that you should not do is panic. Be sure that the laces are entirely loosened in the back and the gap is sizably even from the top to the bottom. If all but one pin is unhooked and the corset cannot be removed, it means that there is too much tension on that one pin. In such instance, re-hook all the busk eyes and adjusting the lacing in the back of the corset so be sure that it is loosened around your waist evenly. Then you can attempt to unhook the busk once more.

In a few rare, but serious cases, there is another method you can try if the corset is too tight to begin with. It can be hard to get enough slack at the top stud in the back. When this happens, the corset should drop over the stomach. Starting from the bottom of the corset, you should have some slack to move to the top of the corset. This way, the corset will be overall easier to remove. After removing a tight corset, you should consider buying one that is a little larger, or one that have longer laces in the back.