"Everybody Needs a Little Sparkle These Days"

Hello lovers of beautiful things!

It's Honey Sin Claire again! 
Somehow the holidays have come and gone and it's January again. This month, I'm decorating a VG-19138-PEIRCE BLACK TAFFETA CURVY WAIST TRAINING CORSET in black. It's super delicious with its stitching and I love this Curvy style so much! (Applause!)

I decided to do some appliqué sparkle this time around. It's an easy way to cover a large space with minimal effort. I picked these identical pieces up on ebay. Shipping takes a long time, but they are TOTALLY worth it. There are lots of online options for appliqués. It just takes some time to look and decide what you catches your fancy!

Now for the rhinestone nerds (like myself!)

I got to play with some colors I've really wanted to use. Mostly the Jet AB 20ss in Sirius Rose cut. I've included a close up of the shape, but it's way more impressive under some lights!! (Aren't we all?)
Also, in a 20ss size, I used Sapphire AB, which brought the blue out of the appliqué so nicely. To really tie all the colors together and give the flat black of the corset some life, I used a 30ss Meridian stone. All rhinestones are made by Swarovski. The variation in color and size turned out as shiny as I'd hoped!


On stage, I couldn't have been happier with the result. I know this beauty will make many more appearances and be as fun to wear as it was to make.

Love and Sparkles,
Honey Sin Claire