Bring On the Oomph with a Black Leather Corset

In 2013, Hollywood costume designers brought the character of Wizard of OZ back to life in the Sam Raimi movie, "Oz: the Great and Powerful". Mila Kunis donned a black leather corset to give a little oomph to the bad witch, Theodora. The boldness, along with the sudden transition of the character from good to evil, was effected by the costume as well as the make-up. The black leather corset helped to bring out the flamboyant and powerful character that Theodora is.

On the other hand, in the movie and musical play, "The Rocky Horror Picture Show", a lot of the characters wore corsets, especially black leather corsets. The costumes added life to the characters. Besides the movies and television, black leather corsets have become quite the hit with burlesque dancers and in the field of entertainment. Why not? They are in fact very sensual and powerful at the same time.

So, what is the real appeal of this bold and dramatically Gothic piece of clothing?

5 Sexy Black Leather Corset Looks

Selene, the leading character from the Underworld series of movies, wears a corset over her cat-suit. However, the one she is wearing is bullet-proof, which is unlikely to be the case with the ones that you might get to buy. However, you can definitely don a bold and brave look with black leather corsets. Here is how:

  • Get the semi-formal look with a twist. Wear a white shirt and trouser. Add a black leather corset, but this time an underbust. While it will be slightly on the bolder side, it would also add flame to your everyday look.
  • Black leather corsets are perfect for waist-training. In fact, they were originally designed to serve this purpose. You can check out such corsets to use it under any clothing that is loose, without anyone having to know. This would enhance the shape of your waist, while highlighting your assets.
  • This elegant piece of clothing can accentuate your curves in an evening gown or a cocktail dress. It can also help enhance your bust size, while adding a pleasant overall look. So, black leather corsets can actually add elegance without anyone realizing you are wearing one.
  • A lot of women love their old tops and blouses that might have lost their x-factor. You can always wear a corset over your old top and add more than just a regular x-factor.
  • If nothing else, this corset can work wonders as a tube-top, adorned with a suede or leather jacket of a lighter brown shade. Doesn't it remind you of a celebrity look?

Why are Black Leather Corsets so Popular?

If one ponders over this question, there is one simple answer. Black leather corsets attract the attention of the opposite sex. In older times, when such attire was worn more often by women, it was done to impress men. Perhaps at that time, men were fond of women with smaller waists. The modern man also appears to like a smaller waist with fuller breasts. The smaller waist remains a measure of beauty for a woman's figure. So, why would someone make an effort to look more sensual? Besides, feeling good about yourself, you can do this for your partner. Keeping in contact with your inner desires helps to boost the oomph factor in your relationship as well. After all, a black leather corset can channelize your animal instincts in a productive way at home too.