Putting On Your New Corset

So the moment has finally arrived! You have your first corset and it is time to get laced up, but wear do you even begin?

As any experienced corset wearer can tell you, it is important that your corset is laced properly to your body. The typical typing point of any corset will be in the middle rather than the top or bottom. This prevents the lacing from loosening too much on its own and creates enough leverage to pull in your waist as much as possible for that hourglass figure. Luckily, most corsets including our own, will be laced up properly before it is shipped to your doorstop.Putting On Your New Corset

Now before you put on your corset, make sure to loosen the laces all the way. You need to be able to negotiate your way in without too much trouble. Once loosened, step in or wrap the corset around your waist and position it appropriately. If your corset has pegs, begin slipping them into the holes in the tabs. It is typically best that you work from the bottom to the top. If one ends up popping out, it should still be easy enough to slip back together while the corset remains loose.

We now come to the tricky part; the tightening. If you have a friend handy, ask for them to spare a few minutes to help you out. After all, they can see way more than you can from their angle.

Make sure that you or your friend tighten the corset slowly while wiggling the middle loops evenly. If you try to yank the cords quickly, you could really hurt yourself or cause it to be tightened unevenly. It is not a race, take your time!

Since this is your first time wearing a corset, or at least this particular type of corset, take a little time to warm up and let it form to your body shape. Much like other articles of clothing, it is best to break your corset in a little first. So instead of tightening it immediately, start with it a little loosen and tighten it a little more every hour or so to get the shape right.

At CorsetDeal, we know how important it is to have a corset that fits your unique shape. That’s why we are proud to announce our Custom Made Corsets!

After a little measuring, you can choose to have a corset that is personally created to fit you instead of the other way around and we don’t lack in variety either. With 500 different corset designs from our simple Adrien underbust corset to the more decorated Earnest Gothic overbust corset, you can easily find the perfect style to match its perfect fit. So measure up and shop our online store for a perfect fit corset sent straight to your doorstep!