Different Corset Types

Corsets are one of the most versatile articles of clothing around, with a different style, design, and shape to fit anyone and everyone that’s interested in wearing them. No matter your body shape, fashion niche, or style preference, there’s a corset out there for you. Here we’ll be going over the different types of corsets we offer and why they might be the right one for you.


Corsets come in three main shapes, though the design for each shape can vary. These are:Different Corset Types

Hourglass – this type of corset is designed to fit around the ribs and create the illusion of a curvy body shape, and is an excellent corset for those just starting out, or do not want to drastically alter their shape.
Waist Cincher – this is not a typical, every day corset, and is usually used for waist training. It is a small corset which provides support and shape to the stomach without providing anything for the ribs.
Conical – this type of corset was popular in the 16th through 18th centuries when they were worn to present a more streamlined, flat shape. They have straight sides which taper down to the waist, and shape the lower portion of the ribs as well, and due to this, can be much more difficult to get used to wearing.


    Corsets come in just about every color and pattern you can think of, but the most popular – aside from solid colors – are the lace and delicate, intricate designs. Most often, the colors are of a deeper variety, ranging from various dark reds, green, blues, and purples, and usually black as well. Steampunk corsets also tend to come in shades of brown and gold to follow the color theme of the trend.

    They are also made of different types of material, depending on the intended method of wear of the corset. They can be made of decorative materials such as satin or silk, or more comfortable and versatile materials such as cotton and spandex, leather, and vinyl.


    We mentioned before that corsets are extremely versatile, and we weren’t just talking about the many shapes they come in. Corsets can also be worn with a myriad of clothing items such as blouses and shirts to provide decoration or shape. They come in shapes such as:

    Under bust – to be worn over a blouse or tank to top;
    Over bust – to be worn on its own or over a lace/sheer top, or under a suit jacket to provide a little decoration to your professional wardrobe;
    Vest – can also be worn on its own or added to a shirt for decoration;
    Dress – these can be worn alone and come in designs ranging from casual and cute to elegant and classy.

    No matter your style or fashion preference, no matter your body shape or size, Corset Deal has a corset for you. We have a corset to fit any fashion from Gothic and Steampunk to Burlesque and Victorian, all in a variety of sizes to appeal to all wearers. Check out our website today!