Corset Fashion Through The Ages

Since the 16th century, corsets have been used in fashion for a number of reasons. As we have progressed, so too has the corset’s place in the fashion world, going from a simple way to enhance or alter the natural shape of the body to the standalone fashion statement it is today.

In the Renaissance and Baroque periods, the corset had very little to do with normal clothing. Instead it was a device used to create a more streamlined torso shape – flattening the chest and creating a slim appearance. It did not become an independent piece of clothing, separate from the bodice, until the 17th century, where it was often paired with a skirt and jacket or skirt and robe worn over a stiff bodice.Corset Fashion Through The Ages

In the 18th century, corsets were deemed more appropriate as under garments, rather than outer wear, and were often worn underneath dresses to create a waist which was slimmer in appearance. While they were not then meant to be seen, they were still often decorative, having the thin outlines for boning and gold trim that we are still familiar with today.

In the Victorian era, after a short period where the corset dropped out of popularity, they made their appearance in the fashion scene again, even going so far as to become a mandatory form of dress toward the middle of the century. They typically had a plain look about them, with intricate patterns and lace becoming more popular designs for fashion corsets in the 1860’s.

Not much changed from that point on until you hit today’s fashion industry. While corsets are definitely not the norm in today’s society, they are often used for more elegant styles of dress such as Gothic and Steampunk, and even corset dresses like this one are popular as well. They are not so much used to compress the waist now as to simply provide a fashion statement, but the basic shape and design hasn’t changed much, and there’s a style of corset out there for just about anyone.

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