The Benefits Of Great Posture

We have all had someone in our life telling us to ‘sit up straight’ or ‘stop slouching’. From our parents to health experts on the TV, everyone seems to agree that we need to get our posture in order and they are right. With an increase of office jobs and people at their computers, it has been more important than ever better to start working on better posture.

If you are still a little doubtful, here are some posture benefits you should know about:

1. Reducing Back Pain!The Benefits Of Great Posture

Having good posture is critical to reducing your back and neck pain. When we slouch, we end up straining muscles and putting excess stress on the spine. With good posture, your back can do what it needs to without any added pressure.


2. Feeling Confident!

You would be amazed about how good posture can boost your appearance and your confidence. When you stand up straight, you appear taller and slimmer than you do when slouching. It also makes a great first impression with others too! Those with good posture appear confident, trustworthy, and hardworking. Slouching however, makes you seem lazy and unmotivated.


3. Lose Weight And Build A Stronger Core!

You heard correctly, good posture can actually help you to lose weight. This is because a straight spine relieves the body of excess pressure while allows everything to flow better and work the way it should. That aside, good posture can also make it easier for your core muscles to support you and to build ab muscles.


4. Better Breathing!

When you are able to keep your posture ‘up right’, you help to open up the airways to ensure deeper and longer breathe. With more oxygen flow through the cardiopulmonary system, your blood can carry more oxygen as well and boost the health of other organs.


5. Improves Your Mood!

In research, it has been found that posture greatly effects your energy level and your ability to generate positive and negative thoughts. Those who had a better posture were more energetic, happier, and positive. However, those who often slouch were more likely to feel sad or lonely.


6. Increased Productivity!

Since sitting upright gives you more energy as a whole, it makes it all the more easier for you to stay alert, concentrated, and productive throughout the day. This is because when you slouch, your body takes in 30 percent less oxygen than it would with good posture. Less oxygen intake, the less energy you have to spare.

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