Celebrities Powering the Comeback in Corset Fashion


Corsets are back and they are probably here to stay for the foreseeable future. What was once viewed as some archaic, borderline barbaric practice in the past, corsets are new again, giving women the power of form-fitting and striking fashion; celebrities have successfully captured this magic in recent years, convincing a new generation of women that they aren’t prisoners of their own bodies.



Fear no Evil, See no Evil

The best thing about corsets is that they are so flexible, and we don’t just mean their fittings. They can be worn over an outfit or complimentary to one, as well as being worn underneath, virtually undetectable to the average passerby. Corsets are shaping the way we think about waistlines all over again, for bett er or worse.

Thanks to celebrities like Kim Kardashian or Jessica Alba, corsets have become the biggest trend in the last couple of years, gaining attention as a weight loss aid and a fashion accessory. This trend should of course be approached with caution, as with any other health trend, as there just isn’t enough scientific or medical evidence to prove anything in relation to how much weight you can lose with one.

Eye-catching Fashion

Probably the biggest reason why corsets are hot again, though, is just how much they can be used to create a new ensemble in an uninspired closet. Most of us struggle with those moments where we are stuck in between a period in our lives where we need to clear out closet space, but we don’t have the budget to replace our wardrobe with a new one. Shopping sprees are the only cure for this, but miracles only happen in movies, as we all know.

The simple addition of a few corsets to our repertoire can be enough to transform our looks and our figures. What woman doesn’t want to look thinner on-demand, yet avoid having to completely change their diets to achieve their ideal waistline? These days, it might be hard to notice women who are using corsets as waist-trainers (these are specialized corsets that are made specifically to engage the core), it’s giving many cases of deja-vu, when push-up bras and contour shapers hit the market.

Power Personified

Corsets are an affordable solution for women who are struggling to find inspiration in their closet. While you can find some very expensive waist-trainers for hundreds of dollars, an expensive corset, made with quality fabrics and support, can be had well under $100. Be wary of cheap, Chinese knock-offs, though, don’t settle for uncomfortable or painful corsets, just because that is the perceived status quo experienced with older generations who tried wearing corsets.

Finally, let’s not neglect the boudoir aspects that come with the corset. With or without lingerie, corsets are an easy way to spice up bedroom outfits and make the woman feel more empowered. Women of all different shapes, sizes, ages, and ethnicities are buying up corsets to feel sexier and look sexier, some for the first time in years.