Katy Perry’s Corset Pops at pre-Grammy Party

Celebrity gushing over Katy’s new relationship with heartthrob Orlando Bloom has kept her a hot topic over the past month, but everyone was talking about what she was wearing at the pre-Grammys festivities. We’re used to this by now, Katy Perry knows how to rock a red carpet.


Lights, Cameras

The Creators held their party in Cicada, sponsored by Spotify. Right in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles, the public was treated with an eye-full of Perry’s curves, sporting a sheer, tight, and revealing corset ensemble. Her entire look accentuated all that she was naturally gifted with, while drawing the eyes around every accessory and bold line she presented.

Among these accessories were a black ribbon choker and gold crucifix to compliment her excellent corset. The gothic rendition was complete with black tights, pointed shoes, and black, pointed nails. Her hair was dolled-up in a French-plaited pigtail in classic Lolita-style; a mixture of cut e, sexy, and mischievousness was owned by Katy Perry’s outstanding look.

If you took time to stare in her face, you would note that she also nailed the make-up with smooth and silky smoke, highlighting her round cheeks and popping our those piercing blue eyes with the dark contrast from the shadow and mascara.

An Artistic Display

The pre-Grammy party was a calling card for all musicians to get together and network with each other, as Katy Perry told reporters. The glitz and glamor of the Grammys often get in the way of the real stars of the show: the creators. Other noteworthy guests, wearing their Grammy bests, included former Black Eye Peas singer, Fergie. She came dressed for success, too, wearing an eccentric tight mini dress that sported a zipper in the front, gold accents on the waist, cuffs, and the accompanying gold high heels.

We think musicians can exhibit some of the best outfits in Hollywood when the opportunity presents itself. We loved seeing Katy Perry bring out a daring, revealing, and edgy outfit, as we have enjoyed from her throughout her career. With legends like Madonna reaching the end of their long careers, it’s comforting to know that their legacy and their untraditional style will be carried by young artists like Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, and Lady Gaga.