3 Things to Consider When Buying a Corset

From overbusts to underbusts and sweetheart necklines to halters, there are tons of different corset styles out there for you to choose from. This can make it difficult to choose which style is best for your body. To help you select the perfect corset that will flatter your figure and provide maximum comfort, consider the following tips from Corset Deal:

1.Consider your waist size – Before purchasing a corset, you should measure your waist. Don't simply rely on your dress size when choosing what size corset to purchase. Instead, use a tape measure to get the most accurate measurement of your waist. This will help you choose a corset that fits you perfectly.


2.Consider your body shape – Not every woman's body is the same shape. That's why there are various corset styles that are designed to suit the different body shapes. For instance, your body may be a pear, apple or ruler shape. If you are pear shaped, your hips are wider than your shoulders and waistline and you are curvaceous with a smaller top and larger bottom, while apple shaped women have a heavier mid-section than the rest of their body. The ruler body shape is a slim body shape with subtle curves. Pay attention to your body type when shopping for a corset, so you can accentuate your best attributes and hide any problem areas you may have.

3.Consider the construction – Pay attention to the corset's construction to ensure you are getting a top quality corset. Make sure you are choosing an authentic corset made from steel bones. A poorly made corset will not last long and can cause pain or discomfort. At Corset Deal, all of our corsets contain flat and spiral steel bones so that they retain their shape and yours. Our steel boned corsets are extremely comfortable and can be used for waist training.

To get the perfect corset that makes you look and feel your best, shop online at Corset Deal. We have over 500 designs and 75,000 corsets in stock.