20 of Our Favorite Gothic Corsets

Rooted in Victorian, punk and Elizabethan fashions, gothic corsets embody mystery, drama and decadence. At Corset Deal, our authentic gothic corsets feature dark elements, leathers, fishnets, black lace and fine detailing. Our gothic corsets are steel boned and made from the highest quality materials to give you a top quality corset in the style you love. While we have hundreds of gothic corsets in stock, here are 20 of our favorite gothic corsets.

1. Adelina Gothic Waist Training Corset

The Adelina Gothic Waist Training Corset is one of our favorites. Its design incorporates everything we love about gothic fashions – dark colors, black leather, zippers, ornate detailing and hooks. This is an underbust waist training corset, which means you can use it to slim your waistline and improve your posture. This corset looks great when worn over a solid black top.

2.Adela Gothic Waist Training Corset

What's not to love about this gothic corset? The Adela Gothic Waist Training Corset features a dark purple flower pattern with a number of bold black details. While this corset ties in the back, it also has a side zipper and side hooks for additional convenience and style. As a waist training corset, this can help you reduce the size of your waist and enhance your posture when worn regularly.

3. Ivory Gothic Corset

The Ivory Gothic Corset is a steel-boned corset designed to maintain its shape and yours. This corset will make your tummy look slimmer, while complementing your curves. It features a decadent skull pattern with a zipper, hooks and black leather. While this corset will flatter any figure, it's particularly great for larger busted women because the straps provide extra support.

4. Aubrey Gothic Corset

This gothic corset is subtle yet stunning. The Aubrey Gothic Corset has drama and mystery woven into its every seam. The front and sides have a dark blue fabric with a black mesh fabric over top, while the back of the corset is made from black velvet. We love the beautiful ruched detailing and decorative lace sides. The sweetheart necklace provides the perfect amount of cleavage while the straps offer added support.

5. Acel Gothic Corset

The Acel Gothic Corset is an authentic steel-boned black cotton underbust corset. The bold black and white pattern and unique gothic elements make this one of our favorite gothic corsets. As an underbust corset, this can be worn over top of a dress or shirt. For a cohesive look, it can be styled over solid black top. To create a bolder, more dramatic look pair it with dark purple or red top.

6. Hanriette Gothic Corset

If you're looking for an edgier style, then look no further than the Hanriette Gothic Corset. This solid black corset draws on punk elements, like the fishnet, chains and cross detailing, to create a corset that's a real statement piece. The Hanriette pulls in your waist and accentuates your bust area with the sweetheart neckline.

7. Jayde Gothic Corset

For a more subtle gothic corset, choose the Jayde Gothic Corset. While the Jayde has a simpler design than some of the other corsets, it's absolutely stunning. We especially love the sweetheart necklace, as well as ruching and side buckles.

8. Ireland Gothic Corset

Similar to the Jayde, the Ireland Gothic Corset features a sleek black design and subtle gothic detailing. What makes this corset so fabulous is its perfect slimming fit and simple yet striking elements, like the chains, black faux leather and buckles.

9. Avalyn Gothic Corset

The Avalyn Gothic Corset is very bold and unique. It features a bright purple fabric covered by black fishnets and black leather detailing. We love this corset for its one-of-a-kind design and because it can be styled in a number of ways. It pairs perfectly with overlay dresses and shirts, and also looks great on its own with jeans or a skirt.

10. Kaidence Gothic Corset

From the comfortable black velvet to the exquisite detailing, the Kaidence Gothic Corset is like no other gothic corset. It combines every defining gothic element, including black velvet, lace, buckles and an ornate flower pattern. This gothic corset will be sure to make heads turn.

11. Katalina Gothic Corset

The Katalina Gothic Corset features a magnificent black and white skull pattern, as well as black velvet and crisscross detailing. Made from cotton and steel bones, this corset is extremely comfortable and well-fitted. It looks great when worn with a black skirt or jeans.

12. Sloan Gothic Corset

The Sloan Gothic Corset is a steel-boned underbust corset. Though it has the same skull design as the Katalina and the Ivory, it has its own unique look. We love the washed out grey fabric and the front zipper and buckles.

13. Milana Gothic Corset

The Milana Gothic Corset is great because it incorporates some elements of steampunk fashions, such as the frontal hooks. Similar to gothic corsets, steampunk corsets incorporate elements from punk and Victorian fashions. What sets this corset apart from the steampunk genre is its blood red floral design and fishnets.

14. Octavia Gothic Corset

The Octavia Gothic Corset incorporates all of the great gothic elements, including floral lace, buckles, leather and zippers. The crisscross detail combined with these gothic elements provides the perfect statement piece.

15. Winona Gothic Waist Training Reversible Corset

The Winona Gothic Waist Training Reversible Corset is sure to make a statement. Since the corset is reversible, you are essentially getting two corsets for the price of one, and both corsets are equally astounding. Whether you want to create a look that's bold or refined, this corset is the perfect piece to accomplish any look.

16. Tori Satin Gothic Corset

Though this corset is simple, its sleek satin design is the perfect foundation for any outfit. The Tori Satin Gothic Corset cinches at the waist to flatten your tummy and also molds to your body to flatter your figure. While this corset looks stunning on its own, it can be worn over a dress or blouse for a more extravagant look.

17. Evita Brocade Gothic Corset

For a gothic corset that's more glam, choose the Evita Brocade. The black floral pattern is decadent and sophisticated, while the frontal and side buckles add a touch of Victorian elegance. In addition to the great design, the frontal clasps are an added convenience for taking on and off the corset.

18. Naja Satin Gothic Corset

Looking for a gothic corset to spice up your love life? This Naja Satin Gothic Corset is both sensual and mysterious. We love slimming fit and sexy lace!

19. Mona Gothic Reversible Corset

The Mona Gothic Reversible Corset gives you the best of both worlds, for the price of one. Both sides feature a beautiful gothic floral design, black leather belt and silver zipper. On days when you want a more refined look, you can choose the black side, whereas you can wear the red side when you want a bolder, stronger look.

20. Barbara Gothic Corset

Last, but not least is the Barbara Gothic Corset, which features a cool skeleton design. Made from satin, this corset is incredibly sleek in appearance and comfortable in fit. It contains 10 steel flat bones and 4 spiral steel bones to create a corset that perfectly complements your shape.

Which gothic corsets from Corset Deal are your favorites?