25 Reasons to Buy and Wear a Corset

Women have been wearing corsets for centuries, and while many may still think of the corset as a Victorian era garment, the truth is that women have continued to wholeheartedly embrace the look and feel of the corset, and for many reasons. With a corset, you can:

1.) Enhance your curves.

One of the most common reasons women choose to wear corsets is for their ability to enhance the female shape. With a corset, the waist is minimized while the hips and bust are accentuated, resulting in a truly feminine, sensual shape.

2.) Show off a slimmer physique.

For women seeking to reduce the appearance of their waistline, a corset will undoubtedly provide women a significantly slimmer, smoother, and more toned torso!

3.) Diversify your wardrobe.

Corsets make for an excellent addition to a woman's wardrobe; whether worn underneath everyday wear, as part of a special occasion outfit or as lingerie, the corset's niche style makes it a one-of-a-kind specialty item every woman would be remiss to omit from her wardrobe.

4.) Express your style in a more unique manner.

Corsets are available in a wide variety of styles, including the steampunk, gothic, couture, and burlesque corset styles, and each of these come in a range of colors, fabrics, and additional accessories. Many women find that the corset's uninhibited approach to fashion can express their penchant for the romantic, gothic, or elaborate better than any item off the rack ever could.

5.) Train your waist.

Waist-training corsets are used to condition a woman's waist to conform to a slimmer shape; with a waist-training corset made from authentic steel bone, women can shave inches from their waist over the course of several months of daily wear.

6.) Boost your self-confidence.

The way a woman feels in a corset is another common reason for the corset's sustained popularity. Even for women content with their figure, the corset's ability to contribute added shape and sensuality can improve confidence and overall attitude.

7.) Step out of your comfort zone.

Some may see wearing the bold, high fashion designs of corsets as a fashion risk, but sometimes stepping out of our comfort zones can be a good thing. When we take risks in fashion and in life, we often develop appreciation for things we otherwise would have overlooked! So why not take a walk on the wilder side with an authentic, handcrafted corset?

8.) Improve your posture.

Corsets provide the structure and pressure needed for proper posture; in an age in which so many of us work desk jobs or spend leisure time sitting down, a corset can ensure that we maintain proper posture throughout the day, which has both aesthetic and health benefits.

9.) Control back pain.

On this same note, corsets can be worn by women who experience lower back pain, as its tight fit provides just the right amount of pressure to alleviate aches and pains in the lower back.

10.) Don a handcrafted, artisan item.

Corsets from Corsetdeal are works of intricate artisan craftsmanship; appreciate the talent of a true artist with a custom corset that reflects the very best fashion has to offer.

11.) Accessorize with a variety of clothing. overbust corset

The corset is actually a highly-versatile item, as it can be paired underneath blouses, worn as a stand-alone top with jeans or skirts, or worn over a dress. The corset can also function as part of a sensual lingerie ensemble.


12.) Alter your body language.

Women who wear corsets often find that their body language changes significantly when wearing this garment, and not just in the sense that their curves are enhanced. Rather, corsets help women stand up straight, move with authority, demonstrate greater alertness, and act with confidence.

13.) Better manage spinal problems.

The supportive structure of a corset can also help women with spinal problems, including scoliosis of the spine. While women with spinal problems should always consult a physician before wearing a corset, know that for some women, the corset has helped alleviate the symptoms of spinal disorders.

14.) Spice up your love life.

For many, the corset is an integral component of their love lives, as our beautifully-crafted corsets contribute an added sense of romance and eroticism in the bedroom. If you're looking for ways to elevate the romance between you and your partner, a corset could be just what you need.


15.) Achieve better breast support.

Women with large breasts benefit from the extra lift and support a corset affords; large-breasted women often struggle to find the level of support they need from traditional bras, and experience back pain and unfavorable shape as a result. With a corset, breast weight is distributed throughout the waist, rather than throughout a bra's thin band and straps.

16.) Enjoy supreme comfort.

Forget what you've heard about corsets being unpleasant; these garments are actually incredibly comfortable! The gentle pressure the corset applies to the torso actually feels like a hug, which many find both soothing and comfortable. Remember, too, that corsets can be tightened to varying degrees; if you prefer a more relaxed fit, you can customize your corset to accommodate.

17.) Reclaim your pre-pregnancy figure.

Women who've recently given birth turn to the corset as a way to help them reclaim their pre-pregnancy figure, as the corset helps control and tighten the stomach's muscles while training the waist to move inward.

18.) Wear underneath a wedding dress.

Look your best for your big day with a corset that can create a remarkable hour-glass figure! Many of our white corsets can be worn subtly underneath a variety of wedding dress styles, ensuring you show off a truly enviable physique as you walk down the aisle.

19.) Gain emotional support.

Some have found corsets to be a form of deep pressure therapy that helps manage anxiety, panic attacks, and depression. The solid structure of the corset also acts for some as a type of "armor" that can increase their feelings of safety and protection, and in turn, reduce their levels of fear and anxiety. As with using a corset for spinal support, it's always a good idea to talk to your physician about this option.

20.) Manage menstrual cramp pain. white corset

Did you know? Wearing a corset can help mitigate the pain some women feel during menstruation, as it applies slight pressure to the body's internal organs and in turn, alleviates discomfort.

21.) Join the corset community.

The corset community is a vibrant and active subculture of women who love the way they look and feel in a corset. Try something new and connect with others who find the corset to be an optimal mode of expression.

22.) Gain versatility with reversible corsets.

The reversible corset is a unique take on the traditional corset, as it's designed as a two-sided garment with contrasting colors or patterns on each of its sides. Get two fashion options for the price of one with a reversible corset!

23.) Buy as part of a set.

Planning to purchase a new pair of boots? Corsetdeal offers customers the opportunity to purchase bold steampunk boots with a complementing corset! If you've already had your eye on a pair of new boots, there's no better time to try out a corset, too, by taking advantage of this amazing deal.

24.) Wear as a dress.

Corset dresses streamline fashion for women who love the look of a cinched waist while donning a dress. Forget wearing a separate corset underneath (or over) a dress, and turn to the two-in-one corset dress, which can be found in various styles that are suitable for numerous occasions.

25.) Why not?

Be bold and try something new! The corset's versatility makes it a garment that any woman—regardless of her personal fashion preference—can find a practical use for. And, given that our corsets are available in such variety, a woman can purchase corsets that are elegant, eclectic, bold, demure, and more to perfectly match her style.

What will your reason be for wearing a corset? Start shopping for your authentic steel boned corset from Corsetdeal today and see for yourself why women around the world continue to embrace the corset!