Celebrity Approved Body Tips for the Everyday Woman

Spring is coming soon, making now the perfect time to get your body ready for the summer. There are a million workout regimens and a million more people that claim to hold the secrets to losing your winter weight; however, with summer rapidly approaching, you'll want to stick with a plan that is proven to work. Since we idolize and emulate movie and TV stars, Hollywood is a great place to look for fitness inspiration. We all know Hollywood life can be very superficial and demanding, as celebrities are pressured to always look their best, regardless of the busy lives they lead. That's why celebrity women use these shortcuts to look fit, curvy, flawless, and fierce on a daily basis.


Corsets have just recently made a comeback as the new desired body type is thin and curvy. A corset is essentially a girdle that goes around your stomach and can be tightened to create the appearance of an hourglass figure. Special waist-training corsets can make your waist smaller when worn over time, a practice lately endorsed by such popular celebs as Kim and Chloe Kardashian, Beyonce, and Jessica Alba. The red carpet and elite Hollywood events usually feature a host of celebrities in corsets or corset-like bodices, as well, so if you were ever wondering how famous women always seem to be in the best shape, now you know.


There was a time when having a big rear end was undesirable, but in recent years having a nice bottom has become a Hollywood staple. We can thank the queen of body, Kim Kardashian, for being the leader in this trend. She has openly confessed to doing large sets of dumbbell squats to maintain her plump posterior and if it can work for her, it can work for you.


Dieting may be the oldest trick in the book, but that's because it's effective. While a diet may not be the quickest way to yield the results you desire, it should definitely be the starting point for any woman looking to shed a few pounds. A few celebrity dieting tricks are adding red pepper flakes to your food to burn calories by increasing your metabolism, cutting out white foods that are high in sugar content, and eating organically to avoid retaining body fat.

Drinking Fluids

Hydration plays a huge role in weight loss, as fluids not only keep you from being thirsty, but also from being hungry. It is easy to avoid overeating if you are full on healthy fluids like water and protein drinks. Some celebrities have special concoctions they ingest when trying to lose a few pounds quickly for a gig, such as nutritious milk and egg whites. Although the pounds you shed in this fashion will be mostly water weight, it's weight loss nonetheless.

The only difference between an everyday woman and a celebrity woman is the fame. At the end of the day, all women have moments when they struggle with their weight and body appearance. Celebrities who struggle with weight and appearance are more common than you think, so don't get discouraged when a celeb that just had a baby steps out and looks like you did at your senior prom. Chances are, she is using these tricks to look her best. Use these tips to your advantage this summer and release your inner celebrity! Check out our inventory at Corset Deal for waist-training options!