Basics of a Fashion Corset

Corsets have made a real comeback as fashion pieces and more women are wondering how to fit them into their wardrobe. Shopping for your first one, however, can be intimidating. So what do you need to know to choose one of these classic pieces that will look and feel great? Here are the basics.


There is a huge variety of styles available including different cuts, designs, colors, patterns and materials. Note that when shopping you'll often come across those that are designed to look "gothy" or, alternatively, to fit into a Steampunk aesthetic. These are great if that's the style that you're looking for, but aren't the same as a fashion piece which will be less of a costume element and more like something you could wear, depending on the outfit, to a cocktail party, a night out or the club.

One question many women wonder about is how revealing this outfit is going to be. We often picture them worn with lingerie for an incredibly intimate look. Rest assured that those meant as fashion pieces are not in and of themselves revealing pieces. They are meant to be worn with layers so that you can expose as much or little as you want. Some of the sexiest ways to wear them leave a lot to the imagination.

Your Figure

Another question many women ask is how comfortable this is going to be and whether it will affect their figure. Historically this kind of garment was designed to effectively "cinch" a lady's figure into the desired shape, a practice known as waist training today. Consequently, these early pieces were not always worn for comfort! The modern version however is more of a show piece. They are not nearly so tight and do not reshape your body. You'll be able to breathe easily and will find your outfit very comfortable.

Today's pieces are cut with different figure shapes in mind, however, and will provide a little bit of an "up and out" effect to your bust similar to a push up bra. This can be more or less depending on the cut and the fit.

What To Look For

When shopping it's worth it to look for quality. This includes the material and the craftsmanship, since this is a snug fitting garment and you want it to last a long time. But it also refers to the "bones," the hoops that give the its structure. The best ones today have steel bones which can easily last a lifetime.

Are you shopping for your first fashion corset? What draws you to these elegant, sexy garments?