A Comprehensive Overview of Corsets

The corset was once all the rage, but as times have changed it has fallen by the way side, but now they are making a resurgence. Corsets have a long history which originates in France. In the 1550s Catherine de' Medici imposed a ban on thick wastes at court attendance. The only option women had at that point in history were corsets. These original corsets were made with laces and stays made of whalebone or metal.

Over time the design and materials used to make corsets changed. It was once a stiffened bodice with boning of whalebone or reed. The busk was made of wood, ivory or other materials, and it was laced in the back. The garment was generally reserved for aristocracy. In the 18th century the corset changed again as stays used whalebone more. Using whalebone allowed for more shape to be designed. This was done by using the stays to support the bust and confer the fashionable conical shape while pulling the shoulders back.

Fortunately, today we have much better materials and can design far more fashionable and comfortable corsets. Corsets offered by Corset Deals are steel-boned. These corsets use a high quality material and steel bones to help maintain posture and reduce waist size. They're far more comfortable than the corsets of the past, and will be sure to help you shrink the inches on your waist.

There are a wide variety of corsets to consider when looking. Here are some of the categories that are available to those interested in wearing a corset.

Underbust Corsets

Underbust Corsets stretch from just under the bust down to a woman's hips.


Overbust Corsets

Overbust Corsets cover the body from above the bust to the hips. One of the special attributes of this type is they can be worn as both a standalone top or be paired with a top that goes under the corset.


Reversible Corsets

Thanks to new technology, we now have Reversible Corsets. Reversible corsets have a zipper in the front and have an inner and outer design, which means you can pick which design you want to wear to show off.


Burlesque Corsets

Thanks to modern design we also have Burlesque Corsets! This style of corset provides just the right amount of shape and a bit of flare. These are often adorned with beautiful lace and ribbon.


Corset Dresses

Corset Dresses are another fantastic design that has been gaining steam recently!


Couture Corsets

Couture Corsets are some of the most unique corsets available, and they allow women to really reflect their individual style.


Steampunk Corsets

A very popular design for corsets these days are steam punk corsets. These are corsets with a transfusion of the retro-futuristic and scientific design. Their unique designs and metallic accessories will give you a look that blows people out of the water and makes you stand out. Steampunk's origins lie.


The Waist Training Corset

For ladies who want to achieve that hourglass figure, there are modern options that can help you do that. Corset Deals has waist training corsets that will help you shrink those extra inches from your waist. This type of corset only requires you to wear it 4-6 hours a day for an average of 6-8 weeks. There are a lot of options available, so be sure to peruse through them all to get a good idea of what is available.


Gothic Corsets

A style that has been around for a long time now is the gothic corset. The gothic culture has a Victorian style that is accented with dark and mysterious undertones. These corsets can bring that curvaceous style that you desire while maintaining that darker style. A good place to check out a large variety of gothic corsets is Corset Deals, their range of gothic corsets allows you to really customize your look and be truly unique.


Take your time when looking at corsets and deciding what you want. With so many unique styles and options available, it may not be easy to pick what works for you. Once you receive your corset, treat it with care and enjoy the head turning looks you receive!