The Benefits of Getting a Steel Boned Corset

Corsets come in all shapes and sizes. We've seen them throughout centuries, on many different women, and have been incorporated into many unique styles and trends. However, there is one corset that has stood the test of time—the steel boned corset. There are many wonderful elements to these corsets, yet many misconceptions as well. Many retailers sell similar looking corsets and pass them off as steel boned corsets, yet there will always be major differences no matter how similar looking the exterior.

A steel boned corset is fairly self-explanatory; it is made of steel bones. Unlike steel boned corsets, latex or fashion corsets are typically made with acrylic and plastic boning. The plastic bones won't hold you in and they generally bend out of shape frequently. These corsets are also generally made of just the one layer of fabric. Steel boned corsets, however, will go around the waist, under the bust and have steel front busks and lace in the back. The reason they hold their shape so well is due to the steel boning. The steel permits the corsets to be cinched while maintaining shape. The point of steel boned waist training is to slowly tighten the laces and contort your ribcage to the shape of the corset.

Thinking of getting a classic, sexy steel boned corset? Or do you have one and are not sure if you like it? Here are 6 reasons to opt for steel boned corsets over other imitations:

  1. Steel boned corsets are better quality.
  2. They hold everything in and keep it in.
  3. They will not bend out of shape.
  4. The corsets are made of double layered fabric for both hold and comfort.
  5. They come equipped with a modesty panel to hide flesh that might show at the back.
  6. Your posture will drastically improve.