Tips and Tricks:How to Buy Corset Tops

Are you planning to buy corset tops online? Buying a corset top may seem to be a complicated process, however; we think it's pretty easy. You need to consider few things before you buy corset tops:


  1. First decide what type of boning you should have before you buy corset tops: There are different types of boning available like steel or plastic corsets:

    • Between the two of them, plastic boning is the lower cost option and has plenty of designs available that you can choose from. Always remember if you are buying Overbust corset and have larger breasts, you may want to avoid buying plastic boning because it is not always able to provide full support and you could feel a little uncomfortable in your dress. Since plastic can bend, it also shouldn't be used for waist training.
    • Steel boning provides more support than a plastic and is more comfortable. However, steel boned corsets are a more popular choice. Since the steel boning is stronger than a plastic one, so you can use this corset for waist training. Steel boned corset tops also hold their shape much longer than their plastic counterparts.
  2. The next step is to decide which type of corset you want buy: There are two types of corset tops that you can purchase; over bust or under bust. Our corset tops have both options available, and are the highest quality you will find anywhere online.

    • An Overbust corset covers your breasts while underbust starts below. We feel that underbust are the easiest to order online, meaning that… buying them online only requires a waist measurement. Purchasing Overbust Corset Tops online is still a great option, but it will require a few more measurements.
  3. Now, take your own measurements with a measuring tape:

    • If you are planning to buy corset tops online you will need your measurements available when you order.
  4. Pick the ideal fabric for your Corset Top: There are a wide variety of fabrics available at CorsetDeal. Everything from Satin, Taffeta, Brocade, PVC, Lace, to Leather. You can buy the corset tops that best suit your tastes. And CorsetDeal has the widest selection of AUTHENTIC Corsets. Basically, we have something for everyone!
  5. Now, choose how you corset should be designed: There are almost limitless options for the design of your corset tops from CorsetDeal. And we are constantly adding new options. But one thing you can count on is our corset tops are the most authentic and highest quality available.
  6. Don't forget that you must always buy the right size of corset: When you buy corset tops always keep in mind, steel boning corsets reduce your waist by 4-5 inches, but the waist training corsets reduce your waist further around 6-7 inches.

Now that you have all the info you need to choose the right corset top for you, shop til your heart's content! CorsetDeal offers you the best deal for your first, second, or maybe even more corset tops.

So, hurry up. Don't miss out!