Corsetdeal takes its corporate social responsibility very seriously in its all aspects of  our business practices. We always look for different ways to reduce and recycle subsequently to lower the impact of our work procedure on our planet. We ensure to educate our employees and customers about the various social responsibilities; those are essential for the betterment of the society.

Corsetdeal follows paperless office policy . Wherever possible, we avoid the use of paper and toner cartridges. Our manufacturing unit, warehouse and shipping department are synchronized within themselves through our communication tools to minimize the use of paper.

Electronic communication is our main medium of transmission with our customers and suppliers to deduct the usage of paper  in  the mode of conversation.

To ensure energy saving, we make sure all electrical equipment and devices are switched off when not in use.

Corsetdeal provides healthy, safe and pleasant  working environment to ensure motivation and passionate within its employees.

We are 100% online business platform; this contributes to reduce carbon emission. 

Corsetdeal has always made it a priority to ensure all its employee's safety .We frequently give drills on first aid management and risk management to each and every employee.

Corsetdeal provides its employees with positive , passionate and healthy working environment  to keep the employees motivated and passionate about their work. This transfers a positive and dynamic approach to our customers and suppliers.

Corsetdeal  is proudly associated with project managed by CRY AMERICA . In 2015 we have sponsored PORD which works in the Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh, India . We have pledged to donate $8000 for this project in 2015 . First installment of $4000 was paid on 1st April 2015.