• Bunny Ear Lacing
  • Bunny Ear Lacing
If you’re an avid corset fan then you’re going to be in your element with these corset dresses. The thing we absolutely love about these designs is how much the dress emphasises the corset.
If you’re after the full corset look, you can’t go wrong here. From deep browns that evoke that exotic feel to a light teal blue that has that fairy-like quality to it. You’ll find something in our selection.
Why corset dresses? Corset dresses are perfect when you want to add extra power to your corset. As well as creating that hourglass figure you really do complete the look.
You’ll see that although we have corset dresses for specific niche parties like gothic or steampunk ones, we also have simple black corset dresses that are so versatile you could wear to dinner parties.
Take a look now.
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