Agmundr Burlesque Maroon Velvet Off Shoulder Dress


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1 inch = 2.54 cm For Guidance Only
Top/Shirt/Jacket Your Natural Measurements (inches) USA
XS Bust: 30-31 inch Waist: 22-23 inch 2-4
S Bust: 32-33 inch Waist: 24-25 inch 4-6
M Bust: 34-35 inch Waist: 26-27 inch 6-8
L Bust: 36-37 inch Waist: 28-29 inch 8-10
XL Bust: 38-39 inch Waist: 30-31 inch 10-12
2XL Bust: 40-41 inch Waist: 32-33 inch 12-14
3XL Bust: 42-43 inch Waist: 34-35 inch 14-16
4XL Bust: 44-45 inch Waist: 36-37 inch 16-18
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A maroon dress like this is a great example of just how many different possibilities you can explore with a burlesque dress. This type of dress always tries to emphasize a mysterious, gothic sensuality, while also being something you can wear to a wide variety of occasions. When it comes to this velvet dress, you have something that you are going to be able to wear comfortably to just about anything the night may offer you. This off shoulder dress is truly one a kind, and you must take advantage of the opportunity to experience this incredible item for yourself.

  • Burlesque Velvet Off Shoulder Dress with Side Zip Opening
  • Center Front Length: 43.0 inches (109.22 cm)
  • Side Length: 39.0 inches (99.06 cm)
  • Back Length: 39.0 inches (99.06 cm)
  • Fabric: Poly Velvet
  • Opening: Side Zipper
  • Weight: 438 gm (0.96 lbs)