You won't be able to find a better corset for such a price!

Hi guys it's Deanna so in today's video.I am going to review this corset right
here that this corset from corsetdeal.I've been searching online trying to find something new and of course pocket-friendly, because you know some of
these corsets can be very expensive so I'm always on the lookout for affordable.
Main interest of mine great quality and it's comfort how it wears how I compare it with other things how it wears inside and outside of clothes so there are a lot of little things that I look for it. Costs $59.99 it's a lot better quality than some other courses that warn the price point is perfect and the quality is of that of a much more expensive corset.
This is a size 18 let's get into the details of this specific corset.
This CDW-1118 is a rosy black gothic waist training corsetas you can see up close it has a gorgeous design this corset it has 20 spiral bones all the way around four flat steel bones at the back and they are all encased in a 100%  cotton bone casing. It has been fused the shell fabric is poly brocade. You have to lace this corset at the back it is recommended that you fully open the corset before putting it on, simply because it will be that much easier to close at the front. There are 24 grommet there are 12 panels along the whole corset the modesty panel is 6 inches wide there is one inch wide satin waist safe in. It has 6 suspender loops at the bottom. This corset is perfect for regular to petite torsos. You could probably wear this corset upside down if you are a male and you wanted to try this corset.
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