What to look for in a Steampunk Corset

There are several styles of corsets that bring something daring and bold to your wardrobe. However, not many types are able to mix adventure and high fashion like steampunk can! Steampunk is an edgy style that brings a twist to a combination of old Victorian trends including the corset. Still, if you are planning to add a steampunk corset to your closet, here are a few things to look out for.


Sepia Colors

While not the most colorful style around, plain old black is not going to be enough for your steampunk outfit. This subculture uses a lot of neutrals and earth tones in order to create something akin to a sepia colored photograph. This means using a lot of cream and tan colors. However, steampunk is also about using metallic colors and pieces such as bronze, copper, and gold in order to give your outfit an ‘industrial’ look.


Durable Material

The right material is also important for developing your steampunk look. Broad vertical stripes are often a popular choice as they greatly offset details like straps or pockets. Other complex patterns also help to accent the look like the pattern on our Winnifred Gothic Reversible Custom Made Corset. Leather is one of the most key parts of any steampunk outfit, but fabrics with gloss, sheen, and metallic textures can often be used to compliment leather pieces.


A Daring Design

There is a lot of ways you can personalize your steampunk outfit design! An overbust for example can be great for those with a large bust while an underbust can be better for those with a small bust. Or maybe you want your focus to be on a bustle skirt? Then you should look for a corset top that is simple in design so that it won’t take away from the focus. If the corset is the focus, look for something with a lot of detail such as an intricate design or plenty of straps, chains, and belts. With so many different things to consider and ways to create your look, you can easily make your own unique steampunk style.


A Flawless Fit

Have you ever bought a cute shirt or dress only to find that they don’t fit your unique shape? Purchasing a corset in the wrong size is even worse! Whether you are creating a steampunk outfit or are interested in one of our many other corsets, getting the right fit it crucial. Thankfully, with our new Measure To Made service, you can enjoy a custom made corset that is personalized with your measurements and unique style sent straight to your door every time.

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