Wear this corset with anything in your closet!. 100% cotton , very light and flexible.


PRODUCT LINK : https://www.corsetdeal.com/products/black-waist-shaper-corset-in-100-cotton
Hi guys it's the other welcome back to my channel thank you for spending some time with me so I am here today with another review video on this corsetdeal.com corset. Corsetdeal has the most amazing and most affordable prices that you're going to find online, the quality cannot be compared.
The number one thing I love the best about this corset besides obviously the quality it is very comfortable keeping in mind that you are lacing appropriately for how your body is accustomed to it's not comfortable you're not gonna wear it whether it's $200 or whether it's within the price range of this corset now this corset. I have on is just slightly snug this corset here will reduce your waistline about four to five inches.
In my personal opinion I think it can probably do a little bit more you look at the price
for these and you wouldn't believe the kind of quality you're getting this corset is very versatile, since it is a plain black you can pair it with pretty much anything you have in your closet right the lining is 100% cotton has spiral steel bones throughout the entire corset and has four flat steel bones at the back each of the bones in this corset are encased in 100% cotton with a metal busk at the front as you see here .
This corset is made of 12 panels so it has 24 grommets they are evenly spaced and as you can see it's gonna hold all those curves of yours in place it has a one inch waist tape it has a six inch wide modesty panel at the back you can see it right here does have six quarter loops three on each side show off your corset add hashtag horse ideal I've posted some of my pictures there watching this video don't forget to subscribe and I will see you next time