Three Corset Trends You Should Know for 2017

Three Corset Trends You Should Know for 2017


Corsets have long been a wardrobe staple for the alt fashion enthusiast and this shows no sign of changing. Keen observers will notice that trends ebb and fall even with regards to this standby. Fetish corsets rose in popularity years ago and were later somewhat eclipsed by playful pin-up styles. Steampunk, Ren Faire, and other styles have also dominated from time to time. Today we are seeing exciting new corset models featuring lush, elegant brocade fabrics and other premium touches. It is now easier than ever to find a corset with sleeves that perfect suits your wardrobe and budget. As we take a look at the corset trends for 2017 you might feel that this is the perfect time to add a BROCADE CORSET to your personal collection.


Brocade Fabrics Front and Center


Brocades are fabrics distinguished by a lush repeating decorative pattern made with the threads of the fabric itself; this is in contrast to fabrics with details embroidered with separate thread after the fact, fabric with stamped or printed designs, and fabric that has been dyed after weaving. Brocades are ideal corset fabrics because they are usually medium-to-heavy weight, perfect for standing up to the treatment that corsets get. Brocades also have a luxurious satin appearance with a slight lustre created by the patterns of the woven threads.


Brocade fabrics feature many brilliant designs, including:


  • Floral patterns
  • Damask designs
  • Abstract flourishes
  • Birds or butterflies
  • Fantasy animals
  • Designs inspired by Chinese and Japanese art


Some brocades have a playful Rococo air while others evoke the feeling of classic eveningwear. Brocades come in every color imaginable so you will have no trouble finding one that perfectly suits your personal tastes and style.


Colors To Suit Every Taste


Have you been looking for a richly-colored corset to coordinate with an eye-catching outfit? Brocades deserve a second look. In addition to the background color of a brocade, all pieces of the repeating pattern are brightly colored to show off the intricacies of the design. This makes many brocade corsets very colorful – which makes them easy to coordinate with outfits in all kinds of styles and palettes.

Brocades certainly have a reputation for being some of the most colorfull show fabrics on the market but they can also be very elegant. Black on black, white on white, and cream on cream brocades are popular choices for formal corsets, including corsets worn just for weddings.


Corset Deal makes getting custom corsets simpler and less expensive than ever before. You can be assured of a perfect fit every time and know that you are perfectly on trend.


Corsets With Sleeves


Exciting new corset designs are integrating sleeve details. This can include everything from flirty over-the-shoulder straps detailed with lace to full chiffon sleeves connected to the corset body under the arm. This transforms the corset from an accessory layer to a fully functioning wardrobe piece that can double as the top of your outfit. This saves you the trouble of having to coordinate your corset with an outfit top and bottom. Fewer layers is likely to result in more comfort and corset tops give you even more exciting coordination opportunities since you do not have to worry about an additional garment.


A corset with sleeves might seem like a strange or even impractical idea but once you see these pieces in action, you will be inspired with countless new ideas for dressing up, cosplay, club wear, and elegant specialty wear. Choosing a corset model that features colors already found in your wardrobe – such as rich red or amethyst purple – will ensure that you get the most use out of this exciting new garment. Just select a size according to your usual corset waist measurement and you will assured of a perfect fit.


Other Exciting Corset Details


The basic underbust or overbust corset remains a wardrobe staple but it no longer has to be limited to an accessory that enhances an outfit that can already stand on its own. Corset designers have been stepping up to make corsets the main attraction of an outfit with the help of excessive detailing. Decorative chains, buttons, lacy panels, and other playful details make strong aesthetic statements to clearly place corsets in different style categories. While this might mean that your black stand-by corset no longer quite looks the part with your favorite steampunk outfit, this does give you the chance to shop for a corset that boasts great fit, superb design, and all the little steampunk touches that help make an outfit exciting.


Although these extra details may seem fussy – and for some people, they probably are – they can offer many great opportunities for accessorizing and outfit creation. Steampunk enthusiasts and goth fashionistas will love the attention to detail that goes into creating these highly styled corsets in part because jewelry items and other accessories can be so easily coordinated. For instance, the holsters and harnesses that feature in some steampunk outfits can be selected to match the colors, textures, and materials included in different corsets.


Jewelry in particular can be selected to highlight the design details of these new corset creations. Take a look at the colors of the metal used to decorate a corset and select pieces of jewelry that match. This is a super simple way to tie an outfit together and make an Instagram-ready style statement.


Shopping for Your Next Corset


There is never a bad time to shop for a corset but if you have not updated your look in a while, consider picking up some on-trend models. Basic black is always great – but exactly how basic does your black corset need to be? Update your wardrobe with black on black brocade or a mixture of predominantly black brocade and black satin. Add flair and interest with the help of brightly colored brocade fabrics that feature shades easily coordinated with your other wardrobe staples. Corsets with sleeves are already starting to trend, so get your favorite model now before it sells out. Finally, take a look at some of the newest corset designs to find models that feature beautiful detailing.