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Waist Trainer to Burlesque Corset

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Hello beautiful people!!


Honey Sin Claire here again, and it has been a super busy couple of months! Lots of costuming to be done. I just wanted to stop in, and visit about some things I've been working on, including a performance at the Houston Burlesque Festival in Houston Texas. This is for an act that I love, and I have had a blast working on this corset!!

This time, I'm working on the VG-19202 in purple satin. Let me say that again, PURPLE SATIN WAIST TRAINING CORSET. It's delicious all by itself. Put it on, and feel fabulous. But as we all know, in burlesque, there is never too much sparkle. I've been saving a few stones for this very piece. Beaded fringe is a favorite in burlesque and I just happen to have some to play with this time. A shimmy and a shake are much more fun with sparkling beads! I buy all my beaded fringe from Lots of performers make their own fringe, but I leave it to the professionals! Beware of buying beaded fringe, you will want to all! Most of the fringe I use comes sewn to a piece of satin ribbon. It makes it easy to attach it, and it makes a nice edge.

For rhinestones, I went with size SS20 in Jet AB by Swarovski. This stone isn't a traditional rhinestone in the way that it is clear with a foil back. This is a solid stone, almost foil in finish too. It has a special quality on stage that I really love. I chose a type of flame pattern, but in a non traditional color. The deep purple of the corset and then variety of color in the stones matched my costume perfectly.

I highly recommended this corset for every day use as well! I own it in 2 colors. Between the curvy cut of this style, and the satin, it's not only fun and sexy to wear, but it's smooth and easy to hide under clothes. It's by far, one of my favorite corrsets to wear, decorated or not.



My next project is one of my biggest yet! I'm spending hours getting all the pieces together. I can't wait to show you!


Until then, keep in search of beautiful things!!


Honey Sin Claire


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