Halloween show in Hiatt New Curvy Waist Training Corset

Hiatt New Curvy Waist Training Corset with Skull Busk : Perfect for Halloween show

There's really nothing scarier for a burlesque performer than to be under shiny, and by that, I mean not shiny enough...nothing dirty! 


When I spotted the Hiatt New Curvy Waist Training Corset with Skull Busk, I knew it was perfect for Halloween show. It arrived to its new loving home, and I seasoned it up while sweeping floors and singing Hall and Oats (I really did) After 10 days of seasoning the corset and getting to fit like second skin, I knew I had to add some shiny! The goal of any good stage performer is to add whatever medium it takes to bring the eyes of the audience to the right place.



For burlesque, it's to me. I don't have a fancy system. I choose rhinestones according to size, color and cut. The ones that seem to sing on the glorious fabric of the corset were an SS20 size and in 2 colors, crystal and calx. The 2 colors are vastly different and created a really unique sparkle pattern, one being super sparkly and one being almost solid. The crystal SS20 where my favourite cut, super sparkly on stage, xirius rose Swarovski. All rhinestones used are flat back, so they glue very well. I simply created an alternating linear patter, running vertically along the lines of the plain black material. That's a wow factor, but to keep the sparkle interesting, I also places 5-6 crystal stones among the beautifully patterned material panels to keep it cohesive, not contrasting in catching light. I use a fabric fuse glue by 3600 that provides an incredible flexible hold, dries clear and doesn't have the traditional e600 smell.

I was super happy with the way this corset turned out! I just did a photo shoot in it with world famous Bettina Mae. I'm including pictures of the stone labels, the color, size and my fancy paper plate method of picking up stones, and the pattern beginning.



Love and Sparkles,
Honey Sin Claire
Fort Worth, Texas
Crème de la Crème


About Honey Sin Claire :  Burlesque producer, performer, emcee, musician, joke teller and costumer. From Fort Worth, Texas and Co producer /Co owner of Crème de la Crème Burlesque. I've spent 20 years on a stage, acting, singing, playing music, teasing audiences, telling stories, drinking gin, and all around reveling in the love affair with the audience. When I'm not costuming, or rehearsing, I spend my time tending to my chickens, named after the Golden Girls