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An affair with the Underbust Corset

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An affair with the Underbust Corset

An underbust corset begins at your rib cage and ends in the hip region. This corset is an excellent choice for apple shaped women; who want to flatten the tummies and increase the illusion of the hip and bust size. It'd also be an excellent choice for girls with a boyish shape, as it can help create the illusion of more curves.

The under-bust corset is great to wear over a dress or shirt, it like layering plus the slimming effect. Corsets are a great way to spice any outfit, add a dash of colour to make a plain jane outfit sizzle. You can wear it over a simple LBD – little black dress. The simpler the LBD, the easier to give it an interesting looks.

A dress highlights legs and having a tiny waist doesn't hurt at all! To look good, your size or shape does not matter, it's the fit of your clothes. Wearing the right clothes shouldn't be about following the latest fashion trends; it should be about choosing what actually suits you and what makes you feel comfortable and confident. A corset is a great way to shape up and feel confident about your body. Choose the type that flatters you.

It's important to determine your size for the perfect corset fit; an ill-fitted corset is unflattering and will do nothing for your waist. Most corsets have a 2-4 inch reduction on your bust/waist/hip measurements. Most corsets are 'sized' by their waist size. And by waist size we mean the smallest portion of your waist. So if you are a waist 30, opt for a 26 inch corset.

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