Waist Training 101

If you’ve ever looked into buying a corset, whether it was for fashion or costumes, or even medical conditions, you’ve likely heard of waist training. This is a practice used by some to gradually reduce their natural waist size through consistently wearing waist training corsets.

Waist has been a popular trend throughout the centuries, often done by royalty or those with higher status, and I’m sure everyone has seen that some celebrities of today are getting into it as well, thus explaining the current trend.Waist Training 101

The process of waist training is simple; the wearer cinches a corset tighter and tighter over a period of time in which they regularly wear it in order to train the body into their ideal shape. The effect is semi-permanent, which means it requires some maintenance even after you’ve achieved your waist reduction goal. You’ll want to ensure that your corset fits properly to begin with, with a little more room to give still for adjusting it over time. Start out gradually, wearing it only during the day at first, and slowly work your way into wearing it at night if you choose to.

The time it takes to see results of waist training will depend solely on your body’s ability to adapt to change and how pliable and flexible you and your muscles are. If you are of a more solid build it may take your body a bit longer to adjust enough to begin seeing results, where someone with a softer body – even if toned – will see results a little more quickly due to their body’s ability to adapt and change.

In addition to the physical benefits of waist training, there are some other benefits as well. For instance, wearing a corset regularly can help you improve your posture and prevent upper and lower back problems in the future. They can also provide a psychological benefit as well, due to the confidence it brings in the form of a more ideal shape for you and the improved way of carrying yourself.

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