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How to Bring 50 Shades Into Your Own Bedroom With a Sexy Corset

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50 shades of grey inspired corset

50 Shades of Grey has swept the nation and for good reason: it isn't just hot and steamy, it's also a story of love. In 50 Shades we see how love and attraction are tied up in power, dominance, submission, and consenting roles that both partners play—or sometimes refuse to play. That reflects back on the same forces that we all experience in relationships whether we've ever broken out the whips and leather or not. And it also underscores just how raw and animal human sexuality can be sometimes. That's exactly what has so many people curious about dabbling in the power play romance that 50 Shades presents. And what better way to do that than with a 50 Shades of Grey inspired fashion corset?

Don't get us wrong, corsets aren't the only powerful erotic element in 50 Shades of Grey. Young, inexperienced Anastasia Steele and her rich, powerful boss Christian Grey use just about every tool imaginable in their foray into S&M. Sometimes they go over the top and sometimes the dynamic between them is very subtle. But there's no doubt that Anastasia feels like a different person the first time she finds herself wearing a corset, and there's a good reason for that.

Corsets have a long history that is closely tied with notions of female power and sexuality. Originally designed to shape women's bodies and make them conform to conservative Victorian notions of beauty, corsets went on to become used by women to express themselves as sexual beings. They are symbols, in other words, of both submission and dominance.

So how do you use a corset to add some 50 Shades of Grey style steam to your own love life?

Here's how we'd start:

  • Choose a corset based on whether you're going to be the dominant or the submissive. S&M is often associated with black leather, and that will feel natural if you're the one in charge. If you're playng the submissive role, consider something softer and more feminine, however. There are many corsets with floral patterns.
  • Bust, or no bust? Some corsets cover the bust while others stop just below it, leaving you effectively topless (unless paired with lingerie). The topless look will leave you feeling more exposed and vulnerable which can amplify the submissive role.
  • Accessorize with garters and stockings, see through panties, or whatever makes you feel sexy.

A 50 Shades of Grey corset is only one way to add a little power play to your bedroom, but one thing's for sure: it will definitely make an impression. No man can resist a girl in a corset.

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