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Top 4 Types of Corsets to Consider

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Top 4 Types of Corsets to Consider

The Corset has been a part of American women's fashion for over a century. Seeing its peak in fashion around the turn of the century, corsets have been incorporated into women's wardrobes for decades, and even still today. Generally speaking, the intention of the corset is to shrink the waist size of the female body and also improve posture. However, the corset has become more than just a functional aspect to decrease inches off a woman's waist—the corset has become an iconic symbol for aesthetics and fashion. With dozens of styles that the corset can be incorporated with and hundreds of ways the corset can look, it's no wonder why ladies even into the year 2014 use corsets as an everyday fashion statement.

So, what exactly is a corset?

A corset is a woman's tightly fitting undergarment extending from below the chest to the hips, worn to shape the figure.

What are the best ways to wear a corset?

At Corset Deal, we have a corset to match every style, look or mood. From waist-training corsets and steampunk Corsets to gothic corsets and fashion corsets, we can assure you there's a corset here for anybody interested in the corset industry. Below, we have narrowed down the best ways to incorporate burlesque corsets into anybody's wardrobe.

  • Waist-training Corsets: Waist-training Corsets are defined as the authentic steel boned corsets that help the body lose waist size naturally. This is done in a very gradual process that comes when this corset is worn for 4-6 hours per day during an average period of 6-8 weeks. Irrespective of the gradual period, this is possibly one of the most elegant ways to lose waist. You can go about your daily activities and still have the corset doing the job for you. And not to forget the other attributes of an authentic steel boned corset, it still serves the important function of accentuating your curves to create a sultry hourglass figure every time you have it on.
  • Punk-style Corsets: Our Steampunk collection has been extended to the widest variety! You can now find here the finest Steam-punk inspired garments that range in corsets; skirts and dresses. If you are looking for a place with the hottest trends in the alternative fashion; you are in for luck as we have the finest and latest all under one roof.
  • Gothic Corsets: Enter the dark and mysterious realms of the hottest style trends around; the sensational Gothic Collection is here to take you to a whole new world. This category comprises of the finest garments inspired by the Gothic sub-culture. Ranging from overbust corsets, underbust corset in various fabrics and patterns, this category has everything you will need and more!
  • Fashion Corset: Our Fashion Corset range is for fun loving daily wear, this is not meant to reduce the waist or for waist training. Fashion corsets are made with spiral bones, these bones are flexible and will give shape when worn. These corsets won't change your figure or reduce your waist. Our fashion corset range is best suited to give comfort when you are out in a party or just in fun loving mood and want your outfit to match!
  • View our burlesque corset collections and find the right corset for you!

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