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Steampunk Corsets: Designed for Fashionable Women

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Did you know that not one but several celebrities have been fascinated by the world of corsets? Christia Aguilera, Nicole Kidman, Dita Von Tesse, Lady Gaga and Nicole Scherzinger Glance are only a few of the names that have been associated with corsets. Flip through fashion magazines and you are sure to find picture-perfect celebrities wearing different types of corsets, including steampunk corsets, on various occasions. The growing popularity of corsets among celebrities and the rise of the steampunk culture have boosted the demand for corsets. Steampunk fashion is based on the Victorian style, with costumes designed in subdued colors and decorated by metallic accessories. Steampunk corsets, whether underbust or overbust, are becoming an integral part of steampunk fashion and culture lovers.

Steampunk Corsets: Steel Boned and Designed to Provide the Right Look

Steampunk corsets can make you look sexier and slimmer; and also set you apart, getting heads to turn even when you enter a crowded room. Ideal for women of all shapes and style sensibilities, corsets not only accentuate your curves but provide relief and support to your back. You can find steampunk corsets in a variety of designs and colors to suit varying style preferences. Some of them even come with a detachable belt and jacket to provide a unique and chic look.


Stiffened with steel boning inserted into their channels, these corsets are highly appropriate to provide the right shape and support to your body.


Manufactured by using a variety of materials, such as satin, brocade, PU leather and real leather, these corsets are designed keeping in mind the style preferences of the steampunk fashion lovers. The use of sturdy chains, studs, buckles, metal buttons and rivets on these corsets provide the right look and feel. Some popular styles of steampunk corsets are:


Steampunk Overbust Corsets: Ideal for women having a heavier upper torso, these corsets can be paired with any kind of outfit but go best with leather skirts and boots to provide the steampunk look. These types of corsets are highly useful for distributing the upper weight evenly by providing adequate support to heavy breasts. Some people use these corsets for waist enhancement and back support purposes too.



Underbust Corsets: These corsets are ideal for wearing both underneath and over your shirts and dresses. Generally used for waist enhancement and back support purposes, these steampunk corsets not only provide the Victorian look but also make you appear elegant.

The underbust and overbust corsets are highly useful as they define the hips and lift the bust of the wearer creating a very sexy hourglass figure. Choose from our vast variety of steampunk corsets made with flat steel bones or spiral steel boning and other accessories to get the classic hour-glass figure of Marilyn Monroe.


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