Future of Fashion-Bespoke

Online Fashion - The concept came in a few years back and seems to have changed our lives like never before. From the comfort of our home, a few clicks or taps and arrives the very next day your new prized possession. You just can’t wait to try it on and admire yourself in the mirror on your wall.  

Things always do go exciting till this point.  


It feels like took a life time to browse thru hundreds of outfits and to pick one you really like, pay for it and get it at your doorstep. But we all wish that lovely outfit fitted a bit better, we all wish if there was a virtual try-room somewhere I could have tried it on before paying for it. Once again it left a lot to be desired. How we all hate to repack our ephemeral  possession and send it back to where it came from and feel dejected all the way. That’s all my hard work of choosing one out of thousands went wasted. And I am still without a lovely one for the party I need to attend soon !!  


It looked so good in the picture, it fitted so well to that lady on the website, so what went wrong with me ?  The thought keeps haunting all of us, till we start looking for right one all over again. Let’s face it-There is nothing called one size fits all- we all are made unique in one or other lovely ways. The thoughts, the habits, likes, dislikes, the looks, size and so on, if it all differs from one to another so much so how can the dress on that model fit you every time.  


We at Corsetdeal realized this dilemma of the clients and burnt our midnight oil looking for a solution. Our in-house research revealed that most merchandise returns happen due to ill fitted outfits. While it is easy to choose a color, a style, a material online but it is impossible to choose something that fits you like socks every time. Our answer to this is a bespoke solution based on individual needs. Traditionally bespoke generates a feeling of boring fit sessions and something which burns a hole in the pocket. However with huge technological advances this is no more the case. We have invested in latest machinery capable of producing made to measure patterns at fraction of time and thus fraction of the cost. We have also developed an interactive software that will makes measuring yourself a piece of cake really.  


So get ready to get the best out of web, say no to the disappointing fits. Choose out of hundreds of your favorite designs on our new look website, submit your measurements and get a perfect fitting outfit delivered to your doorstep backed with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.


The measurements need to submitted just once and it gets linked to your profile forever, till you want to make any amendments. We also plan to offer the custom made clothing in a choice of fabric prints and designs soon.