Daring to be Bold: Madonna’s Corset Personified

No one does risqué and uninhibited self-expression like Madonna. Her outfits are many, her raunchiness aplenty, and her apologies for none of her detractors, whom expect her to stay within arbitrary boundaries of society.

Women around the world idolize Madonna for her undeniable presence and her unique beauty. One of her most iconic looks of the 90’s comes in the form of a pair of exclamation points jutting out from her chest: the Jean Paul Gaultier corset.

Historic Fashion


The Gaultier corset has been an important statement in corset fashion, even if it seemingly disappeared for a few decades since Madonna put it on the map. Throughout her career Madonna has pushed the envelope and incorporated corsets into her costumes and dresses at events and parties.


In more recent years, you could say that Madonna has never lost a step, her age is a mere number when you compare her fashion sense and edginess that is expected with much younger celebrities and fashion gurus. Nowadays, we almost take for granted the sight of a mid-fifties mom who can bare her femininity in outfits that leave our eyes on a delightful journey, because that road of acceptance (of course, never complete acceptance) was not easy and it was many men’s careers spent trying to shame or condemn her brazen sexuality.


Legacy of Empowerment

Madonna’s concerts continue to bring the biggest crowds and the most loyal fanbase of any international musician in the history of pop music, second only to the King of Pop himself. Her most recent showings centers around her aptly-named “Rebel Heart” tour, where her corsets and elaborate costumes take center stage around a message that promotes self-empowerment, untapped beauty, and talent that is inside all of us.

It comes through Madonna’s music, as well, her lyrics provoke and evoke her own patented no-holds-bared fierceness that resonates with audiences. Owning her own presence, her own sexuality, and her own voice, that’s what Madonna brings to future generations of strong, young women.

Costume changes incorporate various ensembles with multiple layers that work to seamlessly transition from each hit song to the other. Eventually, Madonna reaches her own patented corset, blurring the lines between classy and raunchy, then blowing it away completely as she strips down to her sheer, often very see-through lingerie number with accompanied sensual play with muscular assistants.


Some of Madonna’s costume and performance inspirations may be readily apparent, usually in the form of religious symbols, patriarchy, and so forth. She is a master at getting controversial brows raised from both audiences and news reporters. It’s amazing how long she has been able to keep stirring the pot, even when she been at it longer than the ages of most artists today.

Madonna dress the way she thinks and speaks, which is unequivocally “Bleep you, I’ll bleeping dress any bleeping way I feels like dressing.” –which is the best impersonation one can give without causing the censorship boards to malfunction instantaneously.